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<< I think Lonni is awesome.  I was actually pulling for FSU in that tournament (how can you not with how Warren returned at the end of the year).  I just don't like King ... at all ... probably because I sat next to her parents during a USA vs Puerto Rico game last year and didn't leave with a good opinion of them. >> (jayrot)

Don't know anything about King's parents (and don't need to).
But from watching her performance at the WCWS... THAT is all I need to know.
How can you not be impressed with what she did against top level teams throughout the WCWS.
She was DOMINATING!  It was fun to see someone control the game the way she did - against the best teams in the country.

So... I like her. And was rooting for her - after Oklahoma was eliminated. 
And it was great to see her huge smile after the last out was made - and she had delivered her team to the title.
In my view... King was the true MVP of the WCWS.  Warren was great - but what King did was a level better.

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<< There are alot of parents out there that I think are A** holes.  Doesn't mean the kid is. >> (Cooper11)


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<< Is that what accounts for a fan liking Garcia (dang I’d give my left arm to have her on my team) >> (jayrot)

Just wanted to say...  I seriously doubt you would.

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Originally Posted by Respectthegame

 I fear Saile would leave championshipless like the other pitching staff carriers Lu has had. To go the distance you HAVE TO HAVE A STAFF. 2+ elite level arms.  
 That is true of every team she visits, save Florida and Oklahoma, where she would have maybe a 25% chance with either.

Getting to OKC should the measure, not winning the whole thing, or else you're devaluing all those players who had the thrill of winning their Super Regional and participating in OKC.

qui tacet consentire videtur

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LOL >> (3LT)

At the 0:42 mark into that video... 
it would have been great if they had used a portion with that brother of an LSU softball player acting all crazy.


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Originally Posted by cjs4585

I don't have raging animosty toward White. I do have healthy skepticism about some of his accolades knowing some of the stuff that has gone on and his results in the biggest games with the talent he's had.

Alvelo is a 2018 AA with WA. If you're talking about 2017, you may be right. There were some special circumstances there that they corrected later on. Not winning the conference had an effect as well. It wouldn't have been because OR did anything different with her developmentally, though.
OK, touche.

I thought you were saying that Moore, Hawkins and Kleist would have magically been first-team All-Americans at all these other places.


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