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pabar - I don't think I am and I believe you're brushing the larger picture aside. Imagine if you wrote a post that said UCS Liberals shouldn't make negative personal comments directed at UCS Conservatives. I would fully understand this was an opinion you were perfectly entitled to but I'd still be picking my chin up off the floor. It's the nerve some Conservatives have to be critical of others who do exactly the same thing they do that needs to be emphasized. At least that's my perspective anyway

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Conservatives, RINOs, Libertarians are all elements of the GOP.

ISIS, Shia, Suniia, and Abdul Jabbar are all factions of Islam.

Your analogy fails because your focus is too narrow on the Conservatives. 

KAJ says ISIS is not Islamic because he is embarrassed that a faction of his peace love and brotherhood religion is the leading terrorist sect in the world at the moment, so of course he tried to banish them.


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Originally Posted by Dewey
pabar - Your logic escapes me.  Jeb Bush and Sen. McCain closely follow Conservative ideals.

No they do not. Your stating so does not make it so. I challenge you to find conservatives, not Republicans, that believe those two represent their political philosophy as their actions speak otherwise.

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Spazsdad - You're right, I should have included "according to them", (btw just saying they're not doesn't make it so). I have almost no idea how Conservatives, Libertarians, or Republicans decipher who's Conservative and who is not. I think I've asked this question many times with little response. I think I've concluded if you want to deport each and every illegal immigrant in our Country, you're Conservative. Otherwise you're not.

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Red team blue team

Shut up doofus. Not talking to you. 
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