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Heading out for official visits soon; have our questions; have done our homework, but...


As a player or parent, what you you have done differently on your official visit if you knew to do or ask about it before you went?


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Make sure your dd talks to the returning players, not just the freshmen.  They can give a better picture of the whole program.


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I would go one step further and ask for a roster w/numbers of players who have graduated.  Coach may supply a few names but those are hand picked to deliver the right response.  Also go back in the archives on that team's website and track the progress of players in the position of your DD.  Does the coach change out players after a bad game or are they willing to let a player mature.  How many players have left and did they continue on somewhere else with better results.  Lots of variables I know, but you can get a better picture then you would with just coach input.  Ask questions about what you have found.  Listen and watch their responses.




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current players probably aren't going to say anything negative even if they think it for fear of it getting back to the coach


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Same thing with the families.  They are not necessarily going to be candid with you.

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true, but many coaches have their freshman players doing the hosting.  They have no handle on the situation. 


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yes, that's right!  Many times freshman do host.

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We also did our homework, and as it turns out, had three very productive official visits and then made 5 or 6 unofficial visits at our own expense, to cover all the bases and visit all interested schools that our daughter was interested in.  And yes, at one visit, our daughter was hosted by a freshman who was great but had no experience with the program.  (That's actually the school our daughter chose!)  It came down to a few things for us:  Is this a school she can be happy at, academically, socially and athletically?  How far away is the school and how difficult (and expensive) is it to travel there and back?  How many returning players are there?  Do girls transfer to other schools frequently and if so, why?  How selective is the school and what is the graduation rate of softball players?  Does the athletic department offer tutors or mentors for athletes if they need it?  Do they require "study halls" to make sure their athletes make grades?  It's really important that your daughter spend as much time as possible on campus, with potential teammates and with the coaches, interacting with other students and even sitting in on classes.  And check out the drinking/drug use.  Usually teams are on their best behavior when recruits are visiting, but not always. If it's out of control in front of recruits, it's likely to be out of control all year.  No situation is perfect, but our daughter made the right choice for her.  Good luck and have fun!


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See posting on Check Social Media.
Follow up with players/families who post both positive and negative responses to find out why they said what they did.

I would choose a coach (next time) who has a longer record and a vision to DEVELOP players, not just hold onto their position by trying to only treat a few players like prize bulls to win one more game than last season to earn a personal bonus.  The coach needs to have  program that improves all players.
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