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What do you feel when you swing the bat? What muscles do you feel working? I was looking up something on what to look for when I swing and hit the ball, and I want to know what you all feel when swinging the bat and contact with the ball. I feel it in my arms even though I am not supposed to and I am trying to fix that. When I start my swing, my arms want to start half way before my hips start turning and my hips dont do anything in the swing, but turn (I see and feel no strength coming from the hips at all). I am also pivoting on my toe like I am supposed to and not squish the bug.

Note: read below if you want to know what I have been strugging with, fixed, and still need help with, and if you want to help. If not, just answer the question above ^^^ and thats it. I really want to know this answer because I am sick of my arms doing something I don't want them to do and should not be doing! They screw up my swing and I am sick of it (I am trying every detail I find to fix it). I am also sick of my hips not doing anything and just turning. Once I can get my hips firing, then maybe my arms will do what they are supposed to do and listen to me.

What I did find when I looked up what I am still trying to look for that got me to make this thread is that you are not supposed to be feeling strength, but tension when swinging the bat. In my case, I feel strength and not tension. I am trying to figure out what muscles may be getting in the way (I know for sure the arms) and what muscle I should be focusing on and feeling when swinging the bat. I know that the arms should be tense and loose; however, when I try to loosen my arms and just swing with my legs, the swing feels like an uppercut and a jerky type swing. Even in my camera video when trying to get my hips to go first (when I focus on just striding and pausing for a second before swinging), it looks like good mechanics, but my hip does not look like (or even feel like) it is doing anything to help with my swing.

I want to start being skilled at hitting and nothing to become luck. I have the eye and timing, but the mechanics screw everything up. I was not surprised when taped myself in the batting cages dropping my hands (I was not even feeling it happen when swinging) and I know for sure that I was not waiting long enough for the ball and swinging early. However, what really should have good mechanics is hitting off the tee, which I don't. I always see my hands moving right when I do my stride step (even before my foot fully touches the ground) and then when my front foot touches the ground, my arms are already in front of my chest, which is a lost of power.

On the other hand, what I really want to fix is the hips and become loose. I want my shoulders to swing the bat and not my arms going in front of my chest when I make my stride step. Hips come first and starts the shoulders (everything relaxed) like all the slowmotion clips I have seen of good baseball and softball hitters. I want to get the right "feelings" down.

Problem I used to have and fixed:
- bat drag (off the tee, but in the batting cages I need to learn to wait for the ball to come close to me before starting my swing)
- uppercut swing
- bat wrapping behind head

Problems I am still trying to fix:
- hips need to fire (according to my video, they are just turning and not doing anything to power the swing
- hands need to move forward AFTER the front foot (during the stride) touches the ground. My problem is hands is already in front of the chest when my front foot fully touches the ground, which is a no no. When I just stride and bring my hands back and pause 1 second and then swing, everything looks better but the upper cut swing then comes. Shoulders (with the torso and hips) should bring the bathead around and the hands/arms should just relax and stay back.

I am sick of asking around on how to get my hips into the swing and get out of this habit. I hope this question I ask helps me "FEEL" what muscles should be working and how to get my hips to work. I even struggle in a deadlift and such getting my hips moving. Something is really just wrong with the hips. I can do glute activation exercises all perfectly fine, but when it comes to using my glutes to do things, they can't do 2 things at once. I dont know whats wrong with them. I guess their subborn, but I want my glutes to listen to me because I am sick of it.


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At 40, playing in the backyard with the kids, when I hit the ball -- I use muscles I never knew that I possessed.


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Mon, you should try looking at this website for hitting drills and tips to fix those hitting problems you have.

Softball Hitting

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It's good that you're aware of the things you need to adjust. Getting the hips involved is where you get the power of your swing.

Most hitters actually do not feel anything upon hitting the ball correctly.

I can't see your swing but maybe you can do these adjustments. your front foot must land on 45-degree angle then stiffen your leg and then rotate your hips forcefully by bending your back leg and try finishing  by squaring your hips toward the pitcher. 

Keep your arms compact and try not to extend your arms before contact of the ball.

Strengthen your hip adductors and abductors as well not only your gluts. More importantly, strengthen your core.

Coach Lia
Softball Peak Performance Coach
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