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Hey ALL!

I'm sure you read the news already, but in case you haven't, I included a link below..
I told you these USA Softball people were no good - but many didn't listen.

Now that the news broke, it really casts a negative light on softball - all because there was never any proper oversight on these buffoons.

I hate to say it, but "I WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG!" These USA Softball tryouts were nothing but a sham and that entire team should be scrapped and re-chosen by competent "experienced" softball coaches (not the unqualified crappy "Yes" men and women - USA softball rolls out there every year). These players aren't the BEST USA has to offer, and everyone knows that now!

Here are some excerpts of the criminal investigation:
  • Joel Bartsch, owner of the former National Pro Fastpitch league's Scrap Yard Dawgs, is also accused of working with USA Softball, the sport's governing body, to improperly influence which players are selected for the U.S. national teams.  
  • Two-thirds of the athletes suggested by Connie May from Scrapyard Dawgs were not only invited to the USA tryouts, but actually made the U.S. National Teams," one court filing states. "Conversely, several of NPF's award-winning athletes were not selected for these teams."  
  • Bartsch gave USA Softball about $80,000 to $100,000 in benefits for the U.S. national team training camp, including facilities, transportation and hotel rooms. The league also alleges that May had improper access to and influence with USA Softball's selection committee at tryouts  
  • Bernhard testified that he wired $250,000 at Bartsch's request to USA Softball in September 2017. USA Softball executive director Craig Cress, also during a deposition, said that he received the funds and later sent half of the money to Bartsch (So he gives to non-profit USA Softball and after receiving funds, they turn around and give him 1/2 back - money laundering)
  • USA Softball's national governing body was plotting and planning to undermine the only professional level of this sport (NPF) that exists in the USA.  
So, congratulations on ruining the best shot of getting softball back in the Olympics - on a permanent basis.
Here is the ESPN nationally read article, Enjoy!

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These first three are HEAVILY involved in the scheming mentioned in the article.
  1. Craig Cress ccress@usasoftball.com
  2. Chris Sebren csebren@usasoftball.com
These next three are all despicable in their own right, and through text message exchanges clearly show that Connie May from Scrapyard controls who they pick for the team and who they don't. I questioned long ago, why "No National Championships" Ken Eriksen is the Head Coach for USA. We now know why - he is corrupt, he knows about their corruption and will always be there - because getting rid of him, could uncover their entire scheme.
  1. Ken Eriksen eriksen@usf.edu 
  2. Sam Ducato sducato@hotmail.com
  3. Karen Johns kjsanchelli@gmail.com  (now this woman, professes to be a devote Christian - and will judge you harshly if your aren't, yet she is just an awful human being. She is highly active in this entire USA softball scheme and will lie to protect them all - in the name of God, of course. She really gives Christianity a bad name, plus she is proven to be homophobic). 

These next two, are quiet a surprise, because they were former players and should know better - yet they toe the line for the corruption at USA softball and give it some sense of credibility, being that they were both once players. Each of them, could have stood up and done the right thing - but they didn't! They are both cowards and slaves to USA softball.
  1. Destinee Martinez dmartinez@usasoftball.com 
  2. Lovieanne Jung Leimomi lovie03@mac.com 
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