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On June 16, 2019 USA Softball Staff of Brainiacts made their final team selections and cut 3 players (or moved them to the "alternate" list where they will wither away with no playing time, or even a snow balls chance in hell, of making the team.

So, you may be wondering why I would say that? To answer that, simply LOOK at the players who were moved out as alternates and some of those who made the team.

Now, I invite any one of you out there in the softball community to convince me and any other softball fan, to justify why and how someone like; Arrioto, and a Munro make this team? 

Would ANY competent college coach, out recruiting players to help their college team win a national championship  select any one of them if they had their pick of any players across the country? I mean, neither of these players can hit their "weight" (and Munro might be 98lbs - yet she is a "shoe in" to always make the team over much better and all around more accomplished catchers). For those of you who will come to her rescue and chime in and say things like; "she controls the pitchers", She frames well" "she calls the right pitches" - these are all BULLSh!T things people say to make up for glaring and measurable inadequacies in a players / catchers skills (like batting average, % of runners being thrown out, etc. - which are all measurable and where she falls short of being the best)     

Arrioto is about the most nonathletic, out of shape person on the team, the fact that she can't hit and has a awful attitude and horrible display of gamesmanship on the field of play - coupled with her lack of ability to HIT consistently (or even somewhat consistently) is a real shining example of how working on Kenny Eriksen's college team, gets you a spot on the USA team (which is usually reserved for Elite Softball Athletes - to which Arrioto doesn't belong).

These two are obviously on the team for things "OTHER" than their softball abilities.

Their performance against the Bandits and the Pride this weekend where they dropped a game to each - makes it very evident that these players on Team USA are NOT the best softball players in the country - they are the players who Kenny Eriksen, Karen Johns (who is she?) and the rest of the misfits on the USA selection committee "Like".

I watched the games this weekend, where NPF teams had MUCH better hitters, fielders, and catchers - who either weren't selected or never even invited to tryout for team USA, but inferior players were AND ACTUALLY MADE THE TEAM!

I will NOT be watching this team compete in the Olympics because i can't stand the message they are sending to the players in the US that "Deserve" to be on the team but were never offered a fair chance because of some hidden agenda by this group of worn out, incompetents that make up the entire USA staff (lets not forget, these are the same people who thought it to be a good idea to collude with Scrapyard and help launder over $100,000.00 for them)

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when you're so triggered you have to post the same thing in two spots
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