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I think it is time to update what the Democrats stand for and are running on.

  • Open Borders
  • Socialism
  • Free College
  • Free income
  • Green New Deal  (Sorry, when I tried to take Green New Deal and define some items, it:
  • No gas driven engines including cars, planes, ... 
  • $15 minimum wage across country
  • Illegal voters getting to vote
  • Felons getting to vote
  • Medicare for all

I have to do some other stuff.  Please feel free to add all those things I am leaving off.

Those mountains in front of you will seem like little hills when you are beyond them and they are in the past!

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I'll just add the ones that my congressman listed on his email to me

Great start Coach

✅ Embrace Socialism
✅ Enable anti-Semitism
✅ Stand by infanticide
✅ Violate First Amendment
✅ Infringe on Second Amendment
✅ Harass the Administration
✅ Lie about the President


Shut up doofus. Not talking to you.  
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