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The West Coast Conference has stated that UOP will be coming home to the West Coast conference.


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The Tournament would be much improved if the Selection Committee would use the Conference results to weed out mediocre teams. There is no way that a team that finishes in 8th or 9th place in its conference deserves to go to the national playoffs. A really good rule--which would improve conference play and eliminate silly mismatched pre-conference games---would be to say that no team that fails to finish in the top four in its conference (either during the season, or in the conference tournament) can be selected for March Madness. After all, the tournament is really about the Final Four--the teams that can really win the national championship. If a team can't make the final four of its conference during the regular season, it is not likely to make it in the tournament. This would also make more room for interesting teams from mid-major conferences. Interesting, isn't it? I even decided to buy term papers so that I can spend more time on the conference.
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