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This is one of sweetest kids I know. She lost her father a couple of years back, now she and her family needs our strength and prayers. The following is a e-mail from her mother to our team when the accident it first happened.

"For those that have not heard, Monday, July 12, Brittany was in a terrible accident.  She was driving the Honda back from Bakersfield on the 5 freeway just before Magic Mountain.  Traffic came to a stop, however, when she stopped the Honda, it died.

The emergency blinkers did not work, the engine could not be started, nothing. that's all she remembers.  ... A man saw that she was in trouble and pulled beside her to help.  But then a truck ran into the back of the Honda and started an inferno.  Both men got Brittany out of the car.
She was knock unconscious.  She has 2nd and 3rd degree burns on her face and arms. 

I was in Ohio when I got the call.  I called several of her closest friends to be with her in the emergency room and they were wonderful.  EVERYONE wants to see her and wants to be there for her, however, the Doctors are now saying that she is getting too many visitors.  She needs to rest.  The burns are healing, but it will take some time.  I will do my best to keep everyone updated, via email or facebook and when the Doctors say it is safe for Brittany to have more visitors, you will be notified.
ch for your love for Brittany."

Love charlotte 

Brittany is now home but recovery is going to be a long one.

Thanks Ultimate softball family. Something like this effects us all....

Michelle Carter




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our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved!!!

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My Lord - another youngster in a horrible accident.  My thoughts, hopes and prayers go out to the entire family, for the complete recovery of Brittany.


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It's nice to know the young lady is back home and we wish her a complete and quicker than anticipated recovery.


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My daughter played with Britany on the Corona Angels and we stayed at their household several times for practices and games. They are the most AMAZING Family! Britany is the sweetest young lady with an incredible sense of humor and amazing strenth of character! All of our thoughts and prayers are with Britany and the entire family! God Bless!


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That's awful. Praying for a swift and full recovery.


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Our thoughts and prayers are with Brittany and her family. At times like this the whole softball world shudders. But by the Grace of God. We pray for all our daughters and sons safe return...


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Hang tough Brittany! You are in my prayers!


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I know this is an old thread and my condolences are with Brittany. However, I truly feel that there should be more stringent laws so things like these don’t happen. My uncle has been working with a DUI lawyer and even he is in favor of no tolerance in such cases.

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Ok...so now I am curious as to what ever happened to Brittany.....anyone??
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