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Hoping the experts can lend some advice....

My DD was fortunate enough to play for a small D1 in Fall 2013-Spring 2014. She had a good Freshman year; started all games (multiple outfield positions and 2nd base), hit a decent 372 in conference play.... but the school was not a fit... She was granted her release and she decided to enroll in another school this Fall (not playing ball). This has given her the opportunity to rehab some injuries and get ready for Fall 2015.

My DD has confirmed that she still loves the game, and she would like to play ball again. She is now learning that it is very hard to find the right program. She has started the contacting coaches/schools, but she is getting the  "we are full" responses ( which at this time of the year is understandable).

I told her I would try to help...So the question is, given our situation what options are available?  How do girls in this situation or even JC players get exposure or transfer? I would think there would be opportunities to showcase transfer players , but I just cant find any. Are there any secrets for finding schools looking for transfer players?

If you know of any specific opportunities, please shoot me a PM.

Thanks in advance, Any help is greatly appreciated-


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Hi There!

I just saw this now. My name is Ashley Esparza and I am the new head coach of a University who is starting a program and looking for transfers. We're a small NAIA school based out of Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. Because we're a new program, we're specifically looking for transfers and JUCO girls. I'd love to chat to see if this is a fit for your daughter.

I can be reached at AEsparza@marymountcalifornia.edu or 310-466-8019.

Thank you!

Ashley Esparza

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Are u still looking?

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When I wanted to transfer I was asked to write motivation letter so I want to know is it common and can I use some help and are custom essay services legal pawn pl? Is it ok to order something like this?
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