Ultimate College Softball
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Super Regional 1  -  Norman, Okla.
Game 1  -  6:00 PM   Postponed Due to Poor Field Conditions
#1 Oklahoma vs. #16 Texas A&M
Game Time for Friday is Yet to be Determined

Super Regional 6  -  Columbia, Mo.
Game 1  -  8:00 PM
#11 Washington 2  #6 Missouri 1  (8 inn)
WP-Bryana Walker  (18-7)  2-IP  2 K
LP-Chelsea Thomas  (24-5)  5-Hitter  2-BB  7 K's
UW: Kaitlin Inglesby  6-IP  4-Hitter  3-BB  3 K's


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Washington 2 and Missouri 1 in 8.    Final
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Good game.  Was out all evening but smart phone lasted the entire live feed on the ESPN3 app.  Pretty cool.
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