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NCAA football consists of just 12 games in 13 weeks. But let's face it, it's not all about football. There are other sports to consider.

For example, the Texas Longhorn baseball team played over 50 games against over 20 opponents. The farthest they traveled was Columbia, Mo., which is 800 miles by road. 

Imagine when they have to play the Washington Huskies. That's around 2,100 miles. That's a long way to go for a baseball game.

Throw in men's basketball, track and field, swimming and diving, golf, and tennis, plus women's basketball, softball, tennis, volleyball, rowing, track and field, and all the others, and you've inconvenienced the entire athletic division. 

Not to mention the parents and fans.

In the SEC, the driving distance would be around 1,000 miles tops, and that's to Gainesville, Fla.


It's damn cold in the Pacific Northwest and Big Ten territory October through December. Do you really want to send all those Southern boys, family, and fans to sit in an open stadium with a -10 degree windchill factor? 

There's a reason the good bowl games are held in the South and California. 

It's warm. 

Joining the Big Ten or the Pac-10 only puts your football team at a disadvantage when it comes to away games.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the Pac in Pac-10 stand for Pacific? Good luck moving Texas and Oklahoma to the left coast. You'd be forever the outsider in the Pac-10. But the jokes should be good.

The Big Ten is no better. Let's not forget our roots here. We're Southerners. We belong down South. The deeper the better. 

Imagine the influx of carpetbaggers when the Big Ten Network starts airing your games. If for no other reason, consider geographical pride when choosing which conference to join.


Texas is already losing top recruits to the SEC. Always have and always will. Do you want to start losing even more to the Pac-10 and Big Ten schools? Because it will happen. 

You may start losing even more recruits to the SEC if the kids don't want to play in the other two conferences.


Do you really want to be stuck playing a crippled USC, the Arizonas, UCLA, either Washington team, Iowa, Minnesota, Purdue, Wisconsin, and Ohio? If so, you'll be the new bully on the block.

Your teams will only get better by playing Alabama, LSU, Florida, Georgia, Arkansas, Tennessee, Auburn, and South Carolina. Four of these teams have won BCS championships.


The Big 12 South has always been under the impression that they were in the best conference, period. Except for one pesky fact: That honor goes to the SEC. 

Well, now you have your chance. If the Big 12 South is indeed that strong, then prove it in the conference that has won half of all the BCS championships, including the last four. This is your chance to man up.

Tommy Tuberville

Who wouldn't want to see coach Tuberville get another shot at Nick Saban? I don't care what anybody says, if Tuberville had gotten a seventh straight win against Alabama, Gene Chizik would still be in Iowa.

Better yet, Tommy Tuberville vs. Auburn. Imagine the hype surrounding that game. It would become an automatic rivalry that could last beyond Tuberville's tenure at Texas Tech. 

Who in the SEC wouldn't watch that game?


Money isn't everything. 

Well, maybe to some. But I say let's get above that fray. If there is going to be a conference realignment, let's do it to make football better. 

Better for the athletes, better for the parents, better for the fans. 

And who's to say that with the addition of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, and Baylor, the SEC wouldn't be the king of the machine that drives college sports these days?

What do you think? Is the fall of the big 12 good or bad?
To me, it is bad. Weather, Extra money being poured out.

The Conferences were made so that colleges would be is a close distance for games. This is just completely stupid. Then they're thinking about going into a Playoff system? Wtf.
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