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Besides Escobedo, does anyone know who is on the Mexico softball team?

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Cielo Meza and Alyssa Loza, I believe. Possibly the ASU catcher from a few years back? Sashel Palacios (spelling?)

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From what I can glean from the internet, the 2017 team is still in place and they're having tryouts in July.

Women's National Team 2017 Summer Roster
Sashel A. Palacios - Catcher
Irene J. Rivera - Catcher
Suzy B. Gonzales* - Catcher
Victoria R. Vidales - Infielder
Adrian Perez - Infielder
Yvon J. Minogue - Infielder
Nalleli "Peque" Lopez - Infielder
Stefania Aradillas - Infielder/Outfielder
Bridgitte DelPonte - Infinder
Anyssa N. Urtez - Infielder
Missy Taukeiaho - Infielder - NPF Texas Charge
Eliyah Flores* - Infielder 
Maria Luisa Hernandez - Outfielder
Marissa "Gordy" Bravo – Outfielder
Tiffany Lane-Rojas - Outfielder
Sierra R. Rodriguez - Outfielder
Tatyana M. Forbes - Outfielder
Koral D. Costa - Outfielder - NPF Texas Charge
Branndi N. Melero - Outfielder
Alyssa V. Barrera*- Outfielder
Dallas J. Escobedo - Pitcher - NPF Texas Charge
Cheyanne E. Tarango – Pitcher
Diana G. Castillo – Pitcher
Erika E. Bennett- Pitcher
Cielo C. Meza – Pitcher
Victoria B. Jimenez – Pitcher
Alyssa J. Loza*- Pitcher
* Indicates a member of the junior national team
Head Coach: Carlos Bernaldez
Assistant Coach: Frank Reed, Head Coach University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Pitching Coach: Carlos Caro
Team Manager: Carmen Analis

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Texas Charge folded

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If not one has seen the Puerto Rico softball roster.......wow. Pretty good pitchers.
Kamalani Dung, Meaghan King, Aleshia (so?) Ocassio, G Juarez, and Taryn Alvelo. Sorry for all the misspellings, but wow this is a team with a powerful punch in their pitching lineup. Not as good as USA, but definitely a team worth watching . I knew of King, Ocassoo and Alvelo but no clue about Dung and Juarez.
Does anyone know the rules on getting into the Olympic now that it’s only 6 teams? I assume it’s too 6 go from the Workd Championships? But who knows.
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