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Besides Escobedo, does anyone know who is on the Mexico softball team?

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Cielo Meza and Alyssa Loza, I believe. Possibly the ASU catcher from a few years back? Sashel Palacios (spelling?)

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From what I can glean from the internet, the 2017 team is still in place and they're having tryouts in July.

Women's National Team 2017 Summer Roster
Sashel A. Palacios - Catcher
Irene J. Rivera - Catcher
Suzy B. Gonzales* - Catcher
Victoria R. Vidales - Infielder
Adrian Perez - Infielder
Yvon J. Minogue - Infielder
Nalleli "Peque" Lopez - Infielder
Stefania Aradillas - Infielder/Outfielder
Bridgitte DelPonte - Infinder
Anyssa N. Urtez - Infielder
Missy Taukeiaho - Infielder - NPF Texas Charge
Eliyah Flores* - Infielder 
Maria Luisa Hernandez - Outfielder
Marissa "Gordy" Bravo – Outfielder
Tiffany Lane-Rojas - Outfielder
Sierra R. Rodriguez - Outfielder
Tatyana M. Forbes - Outfielder
Koral D. Costa - Outfielder - NPF Texas Charge
Branndi N. Melero - Outfielder
Alyssa V. Barrera*- Outfielder
Dallas J. Escobedo - Pitcher - NPF Texas Charge
Cheyanne E. Tarango – Pitcher
Diana G. Castillo – Pitcher
Erika E. Bennett- Pitcher
Cielo C. Meza – Pitcher
Victoria B. Jimenez – Pitcher
Alyssa J. Loza*- Pitcher
* Indicates a member of the junior national team
Head Coach: Carlos Bernaldez
Assistant Coach: Frank Reed, Head Coach University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Pitching Coach: Carlos Caro
Team Manager: Carmen Analis

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Texas Charge folded

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If not one has seen the Puerto Rico softball roster.......wow. Pretty good pitchers.
Kamalani Dung, Meaghan King, Aleshia (so?) Ocassio, G Juarez, and Taryn Alvelo. Sorry for all the misspellings, but wow this is a team with a powerful punch in their pitching lineup. Not as good as USA, but definitely a team worth watching . I knew of King, Ocassoo and Alvelo but no clue about Dung and Juarez.
Does anyone know the rules on getting into the Olympic now that it’s only 6 teams? I assume it’s too 6 go from the Workd Championships? But who knows.

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No it’s winner goes to Olympics. If Japan wins it’s who come second (Japan as home team automatic entry)

There’s four spots left. Africa/Euro qualifier with top winner going through. That will be between Netherlands and Italy.

Asian/Oceania with top winner going through. Australia and Chinese Taipei are top two sides but Chinese Taipei didn’t go through to championship round this time. For some reason Australia has a block with China for some weird reason. Australia’s biggest issue right now is our pitching depth. Our second string pitcher has an ERA of over 3. Which is shocking. (Let’s not discuss the third string who is just under 8 for ERA. Two junior pitchers have a 0 ERA but they weren’t used much. This was a learning experience for them) Still not understanding why Gabbie Plain wasn’t put in the team but she will be there after this tournament. It’s a tad frustrating watching all the other top pitchers from CWS be there and not Gabbie. But I’d be stunned if she didn’t go forward.

And America has two sides. So Canada will get through there and likely Puerto Rico. (Or American 2nd string side) Mexico is the dark horse there.
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