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Talks about winning NPF Title, Her career at Oklahoma and more. 


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I finally listened to this today... 
and I think my favorite line from Shelby Pendley was this... 

"We have to clean our own uniforms... pack our own uniforms for travel... This is pro softball..?"

She was talking about some of the differences between college softball and pro softball.
In college - someone else takes care of your uniforms (the cleaning, packing, transporting to away games). 
Now here they are in the pro league - and they have to do all that stuff... or it doesn't get done.
If they don't clean it - and remember to pack it... they don't have a uniform come game time.

I found that very interesting - and comical.

Can you imagine someone in MLB or the NBA or the NFL... having to do that.

; )

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Another interesting point... 

Shelby said that Lauren Chamberlain and her have become very close friends in pro ball - much closer now than before. She said they used to butt heads in college from time to time. Eric Lopez didn't follow up on that. I would have liked him to ask Shelby for some examples of what they butted heads over. My guess is that LC was much more laid back while Shelby is more of work hard, eat right, get after it all the time - person. I'm guessing Shelby probably would have tried to get LC to follow more along her path - in regard to eating the right foods and working out hard all the time.

But who knows... maybe it had to do with political views - or even religious views. 
Would have been fun to explore what they were butting heads over - back in college.
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