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I've been following her career since her Sophomore year and she's quite the pitcher. I met her while she was pitching at Michigan for the Big League World Series and she is just so sweet and humble. The girl is going to be awesome in college for LSU. I just was astonished at how many National records she may break. She definitely has to be a top 3 if not the top pitching prospect for the Class of 2009.
Here's a link to the article (It's a good read): http://www.connpost.com/ci_9303717?IADID=Search-www.connpost.com-www.connpost.com

Career wins 159 72
Career shutouts 117 66
Consecutive shutouts 24 19 (current)
Consecutive scoreless innings 393 208 (current)
Career no-hitters 50 34
Season no-hitters 21 11 (2008)
Consecutive no-hitters 10 8
Career perfect games 20 16
Season perfect games 11 7 (2008)
Consecutive perfect games 5 5 (2008)
Career strikeouts 2,328 1,271
Season strikeouts 659 486
Career ERA 0.06 0.04
Season ERA 0.00 0.00 (current)
Source: National High School Sports Record Book

Best of the Rest.

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Saw this girls pitch in the fall with her travel team.  She is amazing. She struck out almost every batter in the game but did throw one mistake to a big lefty and it went over the right field fence faster than it got to the plate.  But she is the real deal and will break every record in the next year and continue to do so at LSU


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I umpired her the 1st game of this past High School season behind the plate. In all my years of umpiring, she definitely is the best I've ever had the opportunity to call balls and strikes for.  She is easily 10-15mph or more faster than the other pitchers and you have to concentrate make you stay with pitch all the way into the catchers glove. 

Hitting wise.. she may have been having a bad day, but didn't impress me.  But a good college coach can certainly work on that. I hope to have the opportunity to umpire her again next year before she moves on to LSU.

Robert A Harris

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My Daughter Brie has the honor of playing with her this fall, and everything we heard about her or read, is dead on. She is such a great kid, very humble and you can see if you met her parents where she gets it from. She is the ULTIMATE shut down pitcher. Gold Coast Hurricanes Gold is the perfect compliment for this kid to really show who she is. I sometimes will be sitting there watching the team go thru some growing pains, and I start to think put Fico in to get us out of it, strike out the side or do something. The Best pitcher on the best team, goes hand and hand....


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Since you call yourself jessejames, how can you say your DD had the
" honor of " you sound as if you are a royalist and not jessejames.


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The kid has great movement and upper level speed.  When she is off the field you would think you are talking with a girl just fortunate to make the team...very humble!  LSU is drooling for her arrival I'm sure!

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