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The Akron Racers are rarely a top team in the NPF, and yet, they have fielded a team every year of league play since 1999.  While other teams scratch by for a couple of seasons, maybe even winning championships, they eventual die off (Washington, Philadelphia, Rockford, Texas, Arizona, Carolina, Tennessee) and yet Akron remains, in a beautiful stadium on top of that.  What are they doing right in Akron that the rest of the NPF could learn from in order to sustain and improve the League?

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maybe their owners are rich and basically are happy to keep a money losing hobby.
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Also maybe people in Akron have no life

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They have a great owner, who by the way the players love.  Probably loses money every year like most of the NPF franchises.......but it isn't always about making money. To bad their aren't a few more people who have the resources to promote a great game.
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Let's face it, unless the NPF gets the same type of financial backing from MLB that the womens professioanl basketball league gets from NBA, the NPF will always struggle and lose money.  I have been to 2 womens pro basketball games(very hard to watch) and I have never had to pay to get in.  They hand out free tickets all the time trying to Promote the sport.  It doesn't work!  If the NBA pulled the $$$ this league would sink faster than the Titantic!  With no Olympics, and I doubt it ever makes a return, softball is destined to be a great college sport with almost no chance of a professional career for players to pursue unless you are the Natasha Whatley/Monica Abbott caliber that goes to Japan!

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I go to a few NPF games each year and I always have a great time.  I'm glad they have a team based in NY/NJ now because although I like visiting Akron, it's a very long drive for me.  I think if softball fans went to the games, they would enjoy themselves.  It's a fan-friendly experience. 

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Here  interview in Orlando  with Rachelle Fico and Brittany Mack of the Akron Racers.


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#1 pick in NPF draft in 2012 and 2013 both on the #3 of 4 teams....could be worse..they could be the NY/NJ Comets. At least there is one team they can beat.
Love these 2 pitchers but they are pitching against the best hitters around the globe when they pitch against the pride or Bandits (who also have top pitchers).

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