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Leahy from Vermont rambling and disconnected, he's been in the game since 1975. Watching the senate judiciary 'committee' grilling of Wray is the poster child for whats wrong with congress. 

Now graham is asking him about a politico article lol. Wray says 'I don't know anything about any politico articles'. Graham of course then says "Let me read it to you anyway"  and he reads this long anti-trump article. Wray says 'I don't know anything about those allegations'. Graham don't care, he says "But if the allegations were true, blah blah blah..." What a joke.
Now graham reading the dt jr email thread. 

I like Wray though, his hair is F'n fabulous.


Dewey/Will_I_Wynn is our forum moderator and is allowing a poster to call for the assassination of our President.


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Originally Posted by EarlyGrayce

I like Wray though, his hair is F'n fabulous.

Take a break from the CSPAN, it is getting to you.

Originally Posted by Fresh
"before the election a d Iowa sId hi.self that there was nothing to it"

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Like the prior two FBI directors, he'll be a superstar, right up until he says something that is construed as not trump friendly.  Then the GOP and the trumpies will turn on him, and try to impugn him.
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