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<< I still think what Wichita State did against Oklahoma was worse >> (3LT)

I've seen you put down the Wichita State coach on numerous occasions - over that loss to Oklahoma...
Here is a rundown of what happened in the Oklahoma vs. Wichita State game.

Three pitchers threw almost all of Wichita State's innings: 
1. Bailey Lange  188.2 IP, 2.82 ERA,  3.01 FB/7,  18-12 W-L record with 6 saves. She was their clear top pitcher.
2. Caitlyn Bingham  62.1,  5.84 ERA,  5.95 FB/7,  2-5 W-L record. 
3. Bailey Klitzke  49.1,  2.98 ERA,  5.53 FB/7,  7-2 W-L record. 

These are their season stats. I'd venture a guess that Bingham's stats were better at the time of the Oklahoma game.


Wichita State started their ace, Bailey Lange.

1st:  Romero led off with a single.  Alo lined into a DP to 2B.  Knighten singled.  Pendley singled.  Clifton was called out looking.
Summary: The first 4 batters all hit Lange... but she was very fortunate that Alo's line shot went at the second baseman for a LO-DP.
And she got a third strike call against Clifton with runners on 1st & 2nd... to end the inning.

2nd:  Mendes Ks.  Wodach BB.  Arnold BB.  Aviu hits into an inning ending double play with a gb to 2B.
Summary: Two walks and a sharply hit gb that just happened to go to the second baseman.  Two innings... and 2 DPs. Lucky stuff for Lange.

3rd:  Romero leads off the inning with her second single of the game.  Alo Ks.  Knighten fly out to RF.  Pendley pops up to SS.
Summary: Besides Romero's single... a solid inning from Lange.

4th:  Clifton gb to SS.  Mendes Ks.  Wodach fly out RF.
Summary: Excellent inning by Lange.

5th:  Arnold HBP on first pitch of the inning.  Aviu fly out to CF on a well hit ball (on a 3-2 count) after a 7 pitch at bat.

This is the point where the Wichita coach decided to take out Lange.  The primary reason for this decision, in my view, is that Romero was coming up to bat... 
Syd had hit the ball sharply off of Lange in both of her first two at bats - with two singles to show for her efforts. 
The thinking was let's see if someone else can get her out.

So... with a runner on first and one out - a pitching change was made. They bring in Bingham to pitch and Lange goes to RF.

The game resumes... and with a 0-1 count, Romero hits a liner to the first baseman - who steps on first for a LO-DP.
Summary: Genius coaching move. They take out the starting pitcher who had been unable to get Romero out... 
and the replacement gets a DP and the inning is over.  
So far, in 5 innings... Wichita State has escaped with the great fortune to have THREE double plays. Can their luck last..???

6th:  After 6 pitches, Bingham walks Alo on a full count.  After 7 pitches, Bingham walks Knighten on a full count. 
Facing Oklahoma's #2 and #3 batters, Bingham made some good pitches... but just couldn't quite get the job done against either batter. 
Being ahead 6-0, it was her job to NOT walk those hitters... and she failed. But she did make a decent effort at trying to retire two of Oklahoma's best hitters.

The Wichita State coach decides those two walks are enough... and it's time to bring his ace back in to pitch (with runners on 1st & 2nd with no outs - and still leading 6-0).
Lange has been used as a relief pitcher before. This is NOT anything new for her.
She walks Pendley on a 3-1 count.  Bases loaded.
She walks Clifton on a 3-1 count.  Oklahoma scores its first run (1-6).
Mendes hits a gb to 2B that goes for a 4-6 FC.  Oklahoma scores its second run (2-6).  1 out, runners on the corners.
Wichita State still has a 4 run lead... and they could get out of this without too much damage - as Oklahoma has their weakest batters coming up.
On a 1-1 count, Lea Wodach hits the ball over the right field wall for a 3 run HR. 
The score is now 5-6... but the bases are empty and the #8 & #9 batters are due up. 
Lange walks Arnold on a 3-1 count. 

That's it. The Wichita State coach has seen enough. He's got to take out his ace - and bring in someone else.
Bailey Klitske comes in. While she pitched only about a quarter as many innings as Lange... her ERA and opBA about the same as Lange's. 

Klitzke walks Aviu on a 3-1 count. Now there are runners on 1st & 2nd  with 1 out.
And who's coming up to bat..?  Sydney Romero.  Klitzke gets ahead of Romero 0-2... 
but the Syd singles into LF.  The runner is stopped at third... leaving the bases loaded.
And now it is Jocelyn Alo coming up to bat.  Alo singles into right center, scoring two runs... and Oklahoma leads 7-6.

There is still just one out - with runners on the corners... and Shay Knighten batting.
Alo steals second base. and now it's runners on 2nd & 3rd with Knighten at the plate.
The Sooners are looking very good to add some insurance runs... 
But... Klitzke gets Shay on a pop up to second base. 
And then Pendley on a fly out to LF in foul territory.


Wichita State still has the 7th inning... but Lowary comes in and gets 3 gb outs - and the game is over.


Final summary:  It's not like Lange pitched that great in the first 4.1 innings of that game.  She gave up 4 hits, 2 walks and a HBP. She was fortunate to get two DPs. When their coach saw Romero coming up to bat - after going 2 for 2 vs. Lange - a decision was made to try someone else...  and it worked.

They could have put Lange back in to start the 6th, and in retrospect I'm sure they would.  But Bingham had gotten the job done to end the 5th... so they let her stay in to start the 6th. That's not hard to understand. It was a reasonable choice. AND... when Bingham couldn't quite get the job done on those first two batters of the 6th inning... the Wichita coach went back to his ace pitcher.  They still had a 6-0 lead... and they still had there best pitcher ready to come back in - and shut the door.

Their luck just didn't hold up over six innings... the way it had in the first five.

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The calm before OUs 3 peat.
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