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How is it possible in 2015 with 5 teams that there are less NPF games available for on demand viewing than there were in the 2009 season?  Only three of the five teams actually video stream their games and of those only the Bandits and Charge stream can be seen on demand after the event.  This is awful for those of us who work second shift.

As to the streams themselves, the Bandits now stream through Youtube and their first game is full of skips and compression artifacts and is now worse quality than it was last year.  The Dallas Charge stream is a single sideline camera with heavy compression.  I'm assuming the Pride stream will be the same as last year, so good quality with multiple cameras, but not available on demand so I'll only see the occasional weekend game when I'm off.

Why has the NPF taken a step backward in an era where the technology has taken such a big step forward?  In 2009 the NPF games were available on demand through the MLB site and the entire season was available for viewing in one stop and now we have three totally separate options running on three totally separate platforms.

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Is there any  news about either or both ( I include the Jr. Team)  USA National Fastpitch Teams who are currently in training in Oklahoma??
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Don't quit your day job


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This league is long on talent and short on support. What would the WNBA be without the support of the NBA? It would be the NPF. If you want real money you have to go overseas. The only players who play or stay in the league are coaches, teachers, or unemployed and still supported by their parents. I think it's sad that the elite players can't make a living playing the sport they love.

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Originally Posted by outofthezone
What would the WNBA be without the support of the NBA?

Which is why it is baffling to me that the NPF no longer streams its games and makes them available on demand from the MLB.TV streaming site like it did years ago.  I don't think anyone has monetized game streaming to the extent MLB has and that platform exists on such a massive scale it would cost almost nothing for the NPF to continue to use it.

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NPF has to change the way it markets itself and draw fans outside of softball players, parents, and coaches.
There are several college sports that do not exist as pro sports. It is competitive out there for sports dollar and women sports need men fans to make money. 

WNBA max salasy is 107,000. The top player in wnba last year was Diana Taurasi who got paid the max. She is gets paid 1.5 million salary in russian league. Much more than she does playing in WNBA.
Her russian team asked her to sit out wnba season to be fresh for russian season---they paid her her wnba salary plus bonus to miss wnba season plus she will get her russian salary.
Diana already has multiple wnba championships and won it all again last season. She was a league mvp, scoring champion, finals mvp, etc.....and she is sitting out this year and getting paid almost 2 million.

League minimum in wnba is 35k for rookies and 51k for 3+ year players. Max as I stated above is 107k.
NPF salary cap per team is 150k for 23 players. So basically the team salary cap in NPF will afford you 2 starters at 75k each or 3 vet bench players at league minimum.
And this is comparing NPF to WNBA which is woefully underpaid....but then again they are making much more than NPF but not enough to survive solo without NBA support.
WNBA players make 12 to 15 times more than their wnba salaries playing in russia or china. Playing both takes it's toll and cuts longevity so players sit out wnba seasons.
DeAndre jordon of the clippers makes more money in nba than entire wnba salaries combined....and he bring in more money and revenue.

NPF needs MLB support and 8 teams minimum. 
Pro sports are about money...otherwise they are recreational and you play for fun and the love of the sport. If you are getting paid it is because people want to pay to watch you compete and sponsors can market you. And for women's sports attractive players that are great at their sport draw the most and are the most marketable. They also draw non-fans to the sport. Jennie finch was marketing dream. Rhonda rousey in mma. SKylar diggins in wnba. Danica patrick in auto racing.Most women tennis players. Alex morgan in soccer--more in marketing money than last years in salary combined. The top 10 highest paid female athletes in world--7 tennis players, golfer, figure skater and danica patrick. 

Until NPF changes it's strategy it needs to stream more and get more people interested besides us die hard fans and family members. And market better. 

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Here's a question... Why doesn't the OU swing work in the pro's???

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Hahahaha....i was wondering the same thing

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Watched a Dallas Charge game that was televised while they were playing in Colorado. I was shocked that they would put an NPF game on such a crappy field. Surely they could have found a high school or college that has better facilities. Also saw pictures of USSSA Pride game this same week and the fields looked to be even worse. They should not allow this if they ever expect to be taken seriously. How embarrassing.

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The game on the CBS Sports Network tonight is being played at the Chicago Bandits home park, and it looks really nice.  Although I've never been there, I've been to Akron a few times and that's a great place to watch a game.  When the Pride played the Rebellion in Lancaster, PA two weekends ago, I went and had a great time.  Every year, I travel (sometimes far) to see at least one game, and I'm never disappointed.  I want to support the league because I enjoy softball and I think the players deserve it for all their dedication and hard work.
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