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CBS Sports will broadcast 14 regular season NPF games beginning tonight 7/7 at 7PM Eastern time. Here is the schedule: http://profastpitch.com/news/?article_id=2191

They also plan to broadcast 4 post season games and all championship round games. Tune in!

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Lostman - Thank you !!
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Recently received a text from one of the NPF head coaches who also knows the college gamevery well: "The talent in this league amazing".
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A 4-team league of the best softball players in usa sprinkled with players from other countries will have the top talent (yet have 1 medicore team and 1 bottom dweller). An 8-team league would still have top talent but you wouldn't have an all-star game feel each night--it would feel like a league. Imagine NFL having only 4 teams. Most of the college football players that were drafted would not have been. Johnny manziel is not drafted if there were only 4 teams. I want to see pro quality players in NPF not just the top of the top playing on 4 teams. Pride has been to past 5 championships and won 2 of the past 3 (2012 finals was called due to weather and next day players on bandits were headed to japan for league there so no makeup). 

I was a season ticket holder for first year of wnba back in 1997....they had 8 teams. They are now at 12.
In 17 years women pro softball has spiked up past 4 teams but in the past several year it has been stuck at 4 and not growing or making money. I support and love softball...grandkids, college, pro, international, national team playing etc.....but it is time to grow past 4. Don't talk about it--be about it. And that means making money...which means having teams on west coast and southwest as well as the 4 already. I am happy for the few that made rosters out of college and those who were already out trying out for teams and making them....but I feel bad for all those top college players that are left out due to a 4-team league. I am also glad cbs sports is carrying the games. NPF is up from 6 games broadcast to 18. It is a step in the right direction.

Rememeber....this is CBS sports network not cbs. Check your dish, direct tv, cox, Comcast, time warner, century link, charter, etc. to find the channel in your area.

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So it seems yet again I won't get to see the Championship series.  I understand the broadcasts help build awareness, but it would be nice if those of us who don't want to spend $50 a month on cable TV could at least buy DVD's of the championship series or have a concurrent Internet stream.


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You aren't missing much, they didn't even air the games last night after airing them Wednesday. There was also no fans there on Wednesday night, don't know about last night due to me not caring to watch the games online.  Why air it all if you aren't going to air the whole tourney is the big question.


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Pride vs. Racers in best of 3 championship series starting at 7 pm central time tonight. Game two is tomorrow at 100 pm with the if necessary immediately following. All games on live tv at CBS Sports Network.

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1) a 5th team will be in the league next year, or so I was told by a player tonight.

2) wed night attendance was poor, yes. It was also church night here in the Bible Belt and ODD game times bc of TV. 430 game ppl are at school or work or after school sports. Tonight's attendance was quite nice. It was a fabulous game, also.

3) I haven't watched every game this season, but I get the feeling this year that games are much more competitive AND the players SEEM as though they want to win - I mean REALLY want to win. It's awesome to see.

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I enjoyed watching the games last night and today.  Every year (even this year when there isn't a team within 4 hours of where I live), I make a point to go see some games in-person and I always have a great time.  Many of the players I liked when they were in college are in the NPF, so I'm very happy they are still playing.
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