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Maybe I'm just dense (as many of you have already told me), but I really don't get why NPF uses GameChanger for their online stats and game recaps.  It's awful, IMO.  And whoever is writing the articles - well, here's an example.  Can someone tell me how this was Kasey Cooper's "big day"?  Was it her birthday??  Her team debut?  I'm not seeing it.

  • Kasey Cooper's big day not enough, as USA Women's National Team loses 13-1 to Dallas Charge
  • USA Women's National Team lost 13-1 to Dallas Charge on Friday at The Ballfields at Craig Ranch, despite a total of four hits.
  • Jill Compton recorded the win for Dallas Charge. She pitched two shutout innings. She struck out two, walked three and surrendered no hits.
  • Jaclyn Traina took the loss for USA Women's National Team. She lasted just three innings, walked two, struck out two, and allowed one run.
  • Dallas Charge built upon its lead with five runs in the fourth. Caitlin Attfield started the inning with a single, plating Brianna Cherry. That was followed up by Danielle Henderson's home run, bringing home Chelsea Forkin, Ashley Burkhardt and Attfield.
  • USA Women's National Team scored its only run of the game on a sacrifice fly by Amanda Chidester in the seventh inning.
USA Women's National Teammore stats
Haylie McCleney 401001
Kelsey Stewart 400002
Amanda Chidester 300100
Kasey Cooper 201020
Bianka Bell 200011
Michelle Moultrie 300001
Ally Carda 100020
Delaney Spaulding 301000
Jazmyn Jackson 101000
Valerie Arioto 010020
Jaclyn Traina ------
Paige Halstead ------
Delanie Gourley ------
Cheridan Hawkins ------
Batting 2B: Haylie McCleney
TB: Haylie McCleney 2, Kasey Cooper, Delaney Spaulding, Jazmyn Jackson
RBI: Amanda Chidester
SF: Amanda Chidester
FC: Michelle Moultrie, Delaney Spaulding
HBP: Bianka Bell
GIDP: Michelle MoultrieTotals Team QAB: 20 (62.50%)
Bianka Bell 3, Michelle Moultrie 2, Amanda Chidester 3, Kelsey Stewart, Valerie Arioto 2, Haylie McCleney 2, Ally Carda 3, Kasey Cooper 2, Delaney Spaulding 2

Team LOB: 11Fielding DP: Valerie Arioto, Kasey Cooper, Delaney Spaulding
Dallas Chargemore stats
Taylor Gadbois 400002
Danielle Henderson 111400
Renada Davis 221220
Lauren Haeger 311310
Nadia Taylor 311010
Brianna Cherry 422000
Ashley Burkhardt 311110
Kaylyn Castillo 100020
Kahley Novak 010000
Chelsea Forkin 221101
Caitlin Attfield 322101
Kaitlyn Richardson 101100
Jill Compton ------
Morgan Melloh ------
Andi Williamson ------
Batting 2B: Lauren Haeger
HR: Renada Davis, Danielle Henderson
Grand slam: Danielle Henderson
TB: Lauren Haeger 2, Ashley Burkhardt, Chelsea Forkin, Caitlin Attfield 2, Renada Davis 4, Kaitlyn Richardson, Danielle Henderson 4, Nadia Taylor, Brianna Cherry 2
RBI: Lauren Haeger 3, Ashley Burkhardt, Chelsea Forkin, Caitlin Attfield, Renada Davis 2, Kaitlyn Richardson, Danielle Henderson 4
SAC: Kaylyn Castillo
HBP: Chelsea Forkin 2
GIDP: Brianna CherryTotals Team QAB: 15 (40.54%)
Lauren Haeger 2, Kaylyn Castillo 3, Ashley Burkhardt 2, Chelsea Forkin, Renada Davis 3, Danielle Henderson, Nadia Taylor 2, Taylor Gadbois

Team LOB: 6Fielding DP: Ashley Burkhardt, Renada Davis
USA Women's National Teammore stats
Jaclyn Traina 3.049.653211221
Ally Carda 2.038.579455011
Cheridan Hawkins 0.125.520255120
Delanie Gourley 0.220.450322120
Pitching L: Jaclyn Traina
HBP: Ally Carda, Cheridan Hawkins
Pitches-Strikes: Jaclyn Traina 49-32, Ally Carda 38-22, Delanie Gourley 20-9, Cheridan Hawkins 25-13
Groundouts-Flyouts: Jaclyn Traina 4-3, Ally Carda 3-2, Delanie Gourley 1-0, Cheridan Hawkins 0-0
First pitch strikes-Batters faced: Jaclyn Traina 10-13, Ally Carda 6-11, Delanie Gourley 4-7, Cheridan Hawkins 3-6
Dallas Chargemore stats
Andi Williamson 2.021.524000000
Morgan Melloh 2.052.577300220
Jill Compton 2.039.513000230
Lauren Haeger 1.034.471111120
Pitching W: Jill Compton
HBP: Andi Williamson
Pitches-Strikes: Jill Compton 39-20, Lauren Haeger 34-16, Morgan Melloh 52-30, Andi Williamson 21-11
Groundouts-Flyouts: Jill Compton 0-3, Lauren Haeger 1-1, Morgan Melloh 0-3, Andi Williamson 3-2
First pitch strikes-Batters faced: Jill Compton 4-9, Lauren Haeger 2-6, Morgan Melloh 6-11, Andi Williamson 1-6

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