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I was at the game in Chicago when she got a "tryout" last year (which didnt go too well) and then she proceeds to be the winning pitcher in championship game.  Great story!  Still pitching extremely well.  You have to learn to pitch in this league and she seems to have met the challenge rather well.  

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Angel bunner doesn't have a drop ball or a rise ball. She is a curve ball pitcher. 

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Angel has done a great job the past two seasons. Things didn't work out with the Rebellion at the beginning of 2016, but she later signed with the Bandits and eventually won game 3 of the championship over USSSA. Fast forward to 2017 and she is 4 outs from being the game 3 winner again, this time with USSSA.

Angel's rise has almost always been used as a waste pitch. She doesn't get many swings at the rise, but she does utilize it well to set up her other pitches. Coop and Angel didn't overlap at Auburn, but I bet Angel never dreamed Coop would swing at that chin high rise ball.

Congrats to Coop. She really rebounded well in the NPF after not making the cut to play in the Pan Am Qualifyer Tourney. She should still get to try out for Team USA again in January. I know Angel is heartbroken, but I hope she signs with the Pride again next season. Other than the triple Chicago had Friday night, Angel was flawless until the 6th inning Sunday when even her curve balls seemed flat and elevated. Maybe she got hot in the 6th inning? She certainly looked sharper in the 4th and 5th on Sunday.

War Eagle!
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