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First round:

Rachele Fico, P, Racers (LSU)

Olivia Galati, P, Comets (Hofstra)

Jolene Henderson, P, Bandits (Cal)

Keilani Ricketts, Oklahoma, USSSA Pride (Oklahoma)

Second round:

Jessica Shults, C, Pride (Oklahoma)

Jessica Moore, P, Comets (Oregon)

Michelle Gascoigne, P, Bandits (Oklahoma)

Ivy Renfroe, P, Racers (Tennessee)

Third round:

Brianna Turang, OF, Racers (Oklahoma)

Cyndil Matthew, OF, Comets (UMass)

Maggie Hull, OF, Bandits (Kansas)

Briana Cherry, OF, Racers (La.-Lafayette)

Fourth round:

Raven Chavanne, OF/3B, Bandits (Tennessee)

Samie Garcia, SS, Comets (South Carolina)

Mel Dumezich, P, Bandits (Texas A&M)

Tess Sito, U/P, Racers (Georgia)

Fifth round:

Bridgette Del Ponte, 3B/SS, Racers (Arizona)

Courtney Liddle, 1B, Comets (Virginia Tech)

Jenna Marston, SS/C, Bandits (Missouri)

Chelsea Thomas, P, Pride (Missouri)

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1632 college softball teams....5000 college players and other players who were cut or did not make a pro team in previous years....But only 4 teams....20 players drafted...20 players on teams get cut, retire, quit, or lose their job competing....and no champion last season. Congrats to those who made it and good luck to the more than 20 from this class who will be playing overseas.

The national team did effect the draft.

Also from the ESPNw article on the NPF draft----
Missing in action: Among seniors not selected in Monday's draft were Tennessee second baseman Lauren Gibson, Alabama outfielder Kayla Braud, Texas outfielder Taylor Hoagland, Missouri third baseman/outfielder Nicole Hudson and Texas pitcher Blaire Luna. And those are just a few of the names that went uncalled for players who could be college All-Americans this season.

The omissions are not because the people making picks don't know what they're doing. While there can be mistakes (the league seemed unaware of former Loyola Marymount star Sam Fischer or her interest before USA Softball scooped her up last summer), those non-picks presumably indicate teams were led to believe those players are pursuing other ventures, be it more time with the national team for someone like Gibson or interests beyond softball.

Professional softball is a passion and a sacrifice for the players who participate. It is not yet a viable career in its own right, not even in the short term. But it is still an option. Time will tell if the newest draft class can help strengthen it.

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Wow. 7 of the first 8 are pitchers. KR only comes in fourth (you'd think the bat + the arm would get you at least 2nd) and Chelsea Thomas all the way at the bottom behind a lot of other players.

Guess the Bandits were dead set on some pitchers with 3 of their 5 being pitchers. Pride always seems to come out on top though.

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The buzz was Rickets most likely will play for national team and miss NPF games (Lauren Gibson has already said she is playing team USA and therefore got passed on). Good eyes on spotting the pitchers loaded at top of draft. Am surprised 7 of the first 8 were pitchers and 10 of the 20 players chosen were pitchers. The class of 2014 pitchers are going to see slim pickings for their services in NPF next year.
‎"The trouble with quotes on the internet is that you can never know if they are genuine." -- Abraham Lincoln

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Olivia Galati has been traded to the USSSA Pride for a draft pick.

also, Bridgette Del Ponte has been traded to the USSSA Pride for a draft pick

pitchers on the Pride currently:

C. Osterman
K. Ricketts
J. Taylor
C. Thomas
B. Luna
O. Galati


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Interesting, USSSA is mostly irrelevant in youth FP yet they dominate the NPF... anybody followed the money here and wondered why they are able to aquire possibly the best pitching staff ever assembled, an outfield to kill for, haven't even discussed the infield yet.... Ricketts picked 4th when she would be an ace or a major factor on all other 3 teams? Just watched 3 games over the last 3 days, all are talented but the Pride has an unfair advantage.... just doesn't seem coincidental either.. jmo
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