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So what needs to happen to get the NPF more recognition and support. I follow a lot of the NPF players on Twitter and they’re constantly retweeting people who are asking ‘why isn’t there a pro softball league?’

What is it about softball that kills it at college but not at the next level?

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I would assume money? Colleges have money from rich universities and espn. NPF doesn’t have regular games on tv, which doesn’t build a ton of fans, and they don’t have sponsorships to give them money.

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It does make sense. There’s a really good article talking about how it takes sports leagues 20 years to get a foothold. Let’s hope that happens for NPF.

I will say having majority international teams doesn’t help it. I do think this year how they’ve done the Aussie and Canadian teams is much better (they’re paired up with local travel orginisations) But they do need to bring in Californian teams and get a Texas team back in. For a sport that is so strong in the western states the fact that all the NPF teams are on the east coast or Midwest is odd.

Oh and also, don’t start the season while the WCWS is on.

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League doesnt have poor leadership it has NO leadership.  Someone is making money and it is not the players. Should take the Japan model and have corporate sponsored teams in big cities (EG General Motors team in Detroit)  Built in fans and fanbase from large companies plus hometown.  This training league for Olympics is a joke.

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Holy crap....one of the kids that should be on TeamUSA with one of the best plays I have ever seen a shortstop make as Hannah Flippen gets the Bandits out of the bottom of 5 against the Canadian Wild. If the video gets put up, I will post.

My gosh


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