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Originally Posted by northernlights
Wait, the league allowed a guy to own two different teams?  That would seem like a huge conflict of interest and if what the NPF alleges is true I doubt Monica Abbot is going to get her $1 million without a lawyer.

Also, the news of the Racers on the NPF site seems a lot different than that earlier article:

"Akron, Ohio (January 30, 2018) The Akron Racers name Stephen Dunn as the team’s General Manager today. In his role, Dunn will oversee all team operations and player personnel. Longtime General Manager, Joey Arrieta, remains the team’s president and minority owner and will focus on critical initiatives of Akron Racers Foundation and Akron Racers Charities. 

“I want to thank the Akron Racers for this tremendous opportunity,” said Dunn. “I am incredibly excited and feel I am the right man for the job. I look forward to working with our front office to field the most competitive team possible and to continue growing our sport.”


That certainly doesn't sound like their existing team has been replaced with Chinese prospects.  However then I find this next article mentioning a name change and something about a traveling team around the Ohio area to attract as many fans from different regions.  Which is stupid because the moment you changed the name and the players you just lost any fanbase you started with.  Who is going to be loyal to something that has players they've ever heard of and that probably won't be around in 2 years and is playing somewhere different every time they are in your State?


15 young Chinese and maybe 6 or so American Players on the Cleveland Comets.  Yeah that sounds like a recipe for a team everyone will be clamoring to see play in Ohio!?  Racers owner took the money and sold out all the Akron fans.  I get its a business but geez just sell and move on.  This is embarassing.  NPF is a joke

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