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Originally Posted by PH2
In that scenario, I suppose the recruiter could make that information known to the TB coach, but the TB coach shouldn't pass it along.  He should just make sure his players are in the lineup to be evaluated by the recruiter.

The rules don't apply to the travel coach - they can pass along any information they can get. The Big State U coach just can't use the third party to communicate with, send a message to, a specific recruit (prior to Junior year). Saying they'll be at a tournament, or even attending specific games, does not comprise communicating with a specific recruit. Same with detailing what their top priorities/needs are. They can ask of the travel ball coach for any information about the recruit, except what her level of interest is in Big State U, it seems to me.

On the other hand, if the BSU coach can only answer yes/no to whether they're interested in the recruit, the opposite should also apply - the BSU coach should be able to ask the TB coach if they know, yes or no, if the recruit is interested in BSU, it seems to me. They just can't ask how much she's interested.

Since the rules don't apply to the TB coach, nothing stops them from volunteering any information about the recruit, including, "BSU is her #1." The BSU coach, however, can't reply other than, "We like her," "She's on our list," etc., without saying how much or how high (can't say, "We like her a lot," "We love her," etc.). That he shows up at all her games, however...


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The rule essentially ties the TB coach to the college coach if the TB coach is being used to communicate with the player.  This just goes to how difficult this is going to be to police because a lot of it can come down to the nuance in how the TB coach says it.  "Coach Z told me she's coming to the game to watch you" could be understood to be a communication from the college coach to the player, but "Coach Z is going to be at the tournament this weekend" wouldn't be an issue.

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Nextyear, it will be interesting to see how Nextyear works. It's pretty sure it will be an improvement. I like your prediction better. Hope you are right. We shall see.
Mark H

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Originally Posted by Nextyear

As this goes forward you will see every school add a Labor Day softball camp so that they will have as many off their top recruits on campus just after Sept 1.

Is this possible? I was under the impression from August to November, with the exception of the 6 weekends fall period, the coaches were only allowed to evaluate scholastic events?

And if I don't like what you say then...

your kid sucks.

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Originally Posted by MadDogsDad

Is this possible? I was under the impression from August to November, with the exception of the 6 weekends fall period, the coaches were only allowed to evaluate scholastic events?

Yes they can do a camp on campus any time in the Fall. Can only evaluate off campus for 6 weeks in the Fall.

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I apologize for the length here, but two a sick child and helping pitchers get ready for post season means i haven’t been here much. So I’ll do my best to catch up quickly!

Mark_H said — br />Every other college coach will NOT be honoring any verbal agreement and will be doing what everyone else is doing right up till after signing. Bottom line, decision will be made at the last minute when it should be. It's self enforcing legislation and there is nothing the cheaters can do about it. To quote George Peppard, "I love it when a plan comes together". [biggrin]

It will be quite a game of musical chairs and at the end of the day, I think more girls will be where they can succeed than with the current system since the decisions will be later. Every school is going to have a war room where they take players off the board and raise players based on need on signing day. 14U will become two years of development instead of exposure. GOOD!!!!!! 16U will be a place for the late bloomers to develop and 18U will be where all the college coaches will be. Hallelujah!!!


Kids will actually have an opportunity to experience an official visit for what it should be for — getting to know a program and her future teammates within a year or two of playing with them in the environment which gives them a much better view of what they’ll actually be walking into when they walk into it!
I’ve met so many distraught parents and kids who think they won’t have time for the recruiting process now. These families don’t even know what recruiting is actually supposed to be like. It would be like taking social media away from teenagers and watching them get spastic about no longer being able to make friends. Most of us who grew up without it know that it was a better life (for the most part). The same goes with TIMELY recruiting!!
Nextyear, thank you so much for the respect. I appreciate it, though of course that never means I’m anywhere close to infallible. There has been considerable discussion here while I’ve been momming and coaching about the line between types of communication. The recruiting and commitment discussions are what’s forbidden to be transmitted from U to PSA. Beyond that, all “evaluative discussion” between TB coach and U coach are permitted i think, right?
Having said all that, I’ll follow it up by offering my humble opinion here. Any six figure coach who is willing to potentially sacrifice his or her six figures assuming that a 14/15 year old girl and her possibly crowing parent are going to keep quiet about illegal communication deserves not only to lose his or her six figures, but be forced to watch a made for TV movie about the Meyers debacle for hours on end until they understand that rules made to protect kids need to be kept and enforced, not swept under the rug in the hopes of keeping young women quiet about the broken rules.

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It would be interesting to see how the consensus number one recruits from 2011 to 2015 panned out.  I am thrilled with the new ruling, as it will not be such a guessing game anymore, and the young women will be able to fully develop their game more.
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