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Bill Plummer and Steve Clarfield set out to write a book that would give young female softball players an opportunity to find the heroes in their sport, much like when they as young lads found heroes in baseball.  They have succeeded.  They chose the best 19 players and coaches historically in their opinions, and highlighted each well, sticking to on field exploits or other contributions to the game.  There is a preface by Mike Candrea and a Foreward by Dot Richardson.  An additional list of the next nineteen "heroes" is included.  Pictures are excellent and the writeups are professional.  It's a good read, especially for young ladies looking to follow in the footsteps of heroes in their sport.  The book is entitled "Best of the Best" and is available through http://www.cvpublishing.com.        Frank Bolton 
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Frank, you beat me to it!  This is indeed a quality book about softball heroes from out of the past and near past.  
Naturally, when you are selecting 19 individuals there will always be those who will disagree with your selections. It is doubtful whether any two individuals would have selected the same 19 individuals. I certainly would have others on the list..  
However, this is a quality list and contains a lot of good information that makes for enjoyable reading.
Co-author, Bill Plummer also has a website:    http://plummersoftball.com/

A little late for a Christmas present but the upcoming college and high school softball season is just around the corner.

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