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Where were you at the time? This story was posted here and IIRC, mentioned in local articles and interviews with players. In any case, this incident is well known.

The investigation was regarding Title IX not other infractions. At some point after multiple incidents not all get the same attention.

Finally, travel arrangements depend on how long you are at the tourney, so yes, they do change. You don't stay until the championship game if you lose earlier. Duh. EE had a typical tantrum and left when they lost.

IMO, EE should not have a job working anywhere near underage athletes and that a school district would hire him is beyond me.

Move on.

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If a coach left my daughter and her team on their own and left them, the AD would be the least of their worries. She may play SB for you but she is still my daughter and will be my daughter long after she is your player. Where are the parents when these nut coaches are abusing players? Why would a parent stand by and allow these things to happen? Seems like and eye to eye, face to face conversation would be in order.  

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Originally Posted by Prowler
What flavor slurpee does he usually get?
   He comes to work lites a cig and makes himself a suicide.


At first I thought I could'nt then I thought I could......I was right both times.
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