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Just wanted to get the opinions of anyone else watching the Marshall vs Illinois game (on ESPN2).
In my view - IL has received 3 poor calls by the umps on the bases.

1. A Marshall runner was called safe at home - when it sure looked like she never touched the plate (and was tagged out as she tried to return to the plate). I think the ump missed that one - and that allowed Marshall to go into extra innings at 2-2.

2. A Marshall base runner was called safe at third - but the replay looked a lot like the tag got the runner on the hand just before her hand reached the bag.

3. After getting on base to lead off in extra innings, an Illinois runner on first base was picked off by a throw from the catcher - but the replay showed that the runner was clearly blocked off the bag by the fielder (which kept the runner from getting back to the bag). 

I don't care one way or the other which team wins this match-up... but it seems to me that Marshall has gotten a lot of breaks on those calls on the bases.

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1. Catcher blocked off Zerkle early just as you correctly noted occurred on the pickoff

2. Zerkle looked safe to me, if it was the play in the 7th you are referencing

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There is a thread already for the Lexington regional.

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Or...that. LOL

Way to put The Hammer down!

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Originally Posted by Sec_fan91
There is a thread already for the Lexington regional.

Since when does that matter around here? [biggrin]


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