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I don't know the rules in college ball. I do, however, feel that the way a certain LSU player conducted herself in the game against Michigan was repulsive. You are not only representing your school, but should remember that young softball players look to you as examples; role models. I could dismiss the play of putting yourself in the path of the 3rd base runner. However, I cannot dismiss the deliberate attempt of trying to take out the shortstop on your run from first to second. That did not show good sportsmanship or class. Be proud your team made it as far as you did. I feel this should be addressed by the NCAA and the school.
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I'm surprised nothing has been said about. It. I assume you're referring to Jaquish and Romero?
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Yes, that's what I'm referring to.

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She's literally trying to prevent the last out of the season. Sorry but that play isn't remotely outside of baseball/softball norms. I understand why Romero was upset and I understand why Jaquish did it. I'd be saying the same thing if the roles were reversed. Also if you want to be upset with anyone it should be the umps for not calling the runner going to 1st out since that's in the rule book.

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interesting points all around. this thread needs to be moved to the right forum.
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