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Good numbers for championship game. Almost doubled audience from 2016. doubled audience of WNBA game. 

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I attend college and high school and under softball on regular basis including granddaughter in little league. I do not attend NPF as none near.
I went to WNBA games first 3 seasons. Daughter still loves it and takes granddaughter to games.
The stats show women pro sports are not increasing in viewers or in attendance (NPF finals had only 1741 in stands...and that is the pro league these girls have to look forward to like little league boys look at MLB.
We won't mention the viewership of NPF finals vs viewership of little league world series.

170000 tv viewers  sparks vs Lynx game 1 in 2017 on wed.
Last year game 1 was same two teams and got 693000 viewers on ABC and was on sunday.
Weekends will more than double a pro sports viewership compared to a weekday night. 

Glad little league is still great. Was when I was a kid with boys and here recently girls and boys have been great to watch and the same warm feeling watching as it was when I was a kid watching on abc's wide world of sports. Considering most ignored girls softball when it started I am estatic it is on rise and doing good. Doubling audience is awesome. High five

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Great to see this !!
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