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This topic came from reading some other posts going on right now.  Just wondered what you all thought.

For many of us, playing in the NPF or coaching softball was not an option.  It was time to get a non-softball related job.  From the time I was 6 years old, my PASSION was softball.  Everything I did revolved around this wonderful sport.  But when it ended, there was a harsh reality that what I excelled in was no longer my path.  Instead of finding what my future career would be in while I was in college, I was too focused on playing to the best of my abilities and getting to the WCWS.  The disadvantage of playing softball was that I missed out on many internships or study programs which would have allowed me to delve into different career paths.  Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't change anything and I would still play softball in college if I had to do it all over again.  I ended up getting a great job and am thankful but I still wish there was a way for those playing softball who know that won't be their future, to be able to get some work related experience while in college.  When I find out so and so became really successful outside of the softball world, I actually find that more gratifying because she represents someone like me. 

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For most girls out there playing softball is a means to and end. That's why I've allways have been a big believer in Pro Softball rather than Olympic softball simply because there are more opportunities for you young ladies. However with that being said their are still no guaranties. You must be well rounded, in the summer you could do some internships and travel, etc. That would be my message to parents, don't focus just on softball because there is a wonderful life after.

My DD had an opportunity to play in Italy and to try out for a pro team, she decided to move on with becoming a teacher and starting her own family, but softball is still in her blood, she sometimes helps out with a gold team and volunteered at UC Davis for a while. softball doesn't have to leave your life completely, it's just changes a bit. good luck to you and hope this helps.

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Thanks Terpfan.  I've actually been out of college for some time now and have been working for a quite a few years.  But, I have run into many girls who have graduated college and don't know what to do with themselves because softball was such a mainstay in their lives.  I even coached and played a bit after college, but realized it wasn't for me.  Honestly, I needed to make more moolah.  Just like your DD, softball is still in my life, but not like back in the days.  Do I still have dreams at night playing softball...you bet I do!

To all the girls out there who are contemplating whether to stay with softball or not, just put yourselves out there because you never know what may come from it.

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When I was growing up, my big goal was to play softball well enough to get me into a great school so I could study public health and biology. That worked out really well for me. I never heard of a pro league until I got to college, so I always thought that college would be the end of my softball career. Luckily, I have an opportunity to keep playing. But, while I was in college, I participated in a summer internship in a Seattle biology lab, and the next summer I participated in a 2 week conference about infectious disease preparedness for public health workers.

I know that a lot of other girls take extra classes in summer so they can keep up with their graduation schedule. But, for those young women who know what they want to do for a career and are excited about getting into that field, there are plenty of opportunities and time to get internships and such.

But even with the pro league, as it stands now, eventually myself and the young women I play with will have to get a real career in the real world, because softball doesn't pay well enough to be a real career (yet!).

SmallFish, I couldn't imagine being thrown into the real world after college softball. I'm glad it all worked out for you!

- Hammer of the Gods

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I think it was Bill Russell, the NBA great, who said that basketball delayed his adolescence. He didn't have to make up his mind what he really wanted to do with his life until he retired basketball. I've always remembered that statement. Even though they know they want to play a sport, many athletes, even well-paid ones, are uncertain about what comes after the sport.

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Wow, very well said kthor1 & BB!  It's true, I think I was almost in denial for the first couple of years after college.  I finally figured it out, but it's a shame that I didn't really put myself out there until after college.  My summers in college consisted of summer school and womens majors.  Because I didn't know what I wanted to be when "I grew up" I pretty much didn't think about it.  I would have given anything to be able to figure it in college out like you did kthor.  I think there are many girls in college who are thinking the same thing..."what should I do with my life?"  So hopefully they take kthor's advice and BB's statements to heart.


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Does Smallfish still visit?
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