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Notice the last bullet point on the job requirements.  Have we gotten to the point that this needs to be included in a softball coaches job description?

Responsibilities of all Positions at York Athletics:

  • Adhere to York College, CUNYAC Conference, York Athletics, and NCAA policies and procedures.                                                       
  • Maintain knowledge of departmental activities, sports schedules, and procedures.
  • Foster cooperative working relationships with immediate supervisor and staff members who work within or outside the work unit.
  • Support the athletics department goals and philosophies as described by the Director of Athletics and work to achieve and uphold the department’s mission statement and core values.
  • Maintain a positive attitude toward performing job duties and in working with other staff members.
  • Exhibit professional decorum at all times while representing York Athletics.
  • Must pass and maintain up-to-date first aid/CPR/AED certification.
  • Must have proven recruiting experience and success.
  • Must pass and maintain annual NCAA Recruiting exam.

Position Responsibilities include:

  • Provide practice preparations, plans, and team oversight.
  • Recruit academically and athletically qualified NCAA student-athletes.
  • Conduct and coach practice sessions during primary sport season.
  • Exemplify excellent leadership and proper code of conduct throughout all phases of the competitive season and pre-and-post season.
  • Work toward the ultimate welfare and safety of the student-athlete and his/her educational goals.
  • Demonstrate an explicit understanding of all NCAA Division III and CUNYAC conference rules and regulations.
  • Abide by all policies, practices, and philosophies of the Intercollegiate Athletic Program and York College.
  • Attend home and away games.

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Sounds crazy , but I guess necessary. My daughter ran into a high school friend that is now transferring from a local JUCO school. When she asked " how was it ? " , she stated that often times coaches , including the head coach , would not show up for away games and would leave early during home game citing " other obligations ".

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I know of several small colleges here in the Southeast in varying levels (JUCO, NAIA, D3, and even D2; cannot think of a D1 example, but it may exist!) that hire assistant coaches with other full time jobs and/or family issues that take priority.  Some do NOT attend all games; a few attend ONLY home games, and are excused from traveling to away games.

It may be a budget issue, it may be they want that individual so badly they are willing to accept those limitations in that person's availability.  Regardless, it does happen.

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Not being insulting but the job description is a protective document for the employer. If the employee fails to satisfy the description then it can be grounds for dismissal. If it weren’t in there and the employer terminated an employee says well it wasn’t part of the description then they could have a suit for wrongful termination. At smaller schools where these coaches are working a full time jobs and coaching is a part time gig, showing up to away games probably has to be put in the description. Welcome to the Soviet we live within where if it’s not spelled out, then it never happened.

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Putting that in a job description is like putting “must be present when performing surgery” into a surgeon’s job description.

It is pretty clear that is would go with the territory.

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Hasn't it been articulated above a couple instances where it has not gone with the territory?

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I am thinking the previous coach did not go to one or more home and/or away games so they are covering their bases. 


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Originally Posted by drivemyjeep
Putting that in a job description is like putting “must be present when performing surgery” into a surgeon’s job description.

It is pretty clear that is would go with the territory.

Again you’re talking about full time coaches. In these smaller schools, this is a part time gig. When the full time job suddenly says you have to stay late, what do you think happens; the team doesn’t have a coach that day. Happens more than you think. This is HR 101, look at any job description and there will be things that any normal person would say that’s idiotic, why do you have to tell me to do what is expected? Because some numscil didn’t do it and couldn’t be fired without being warned. It’s just like all the drug commercials on tv with the million horrible things that went wrong. They have to tell you in a commercial because it happened once. Sometimes we are a little too trusting of people to do what’s expected.

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Apparently head coaches not showing up for games happens a lot more that I would have guessed (I would have guessed none).  Can anyone site any examples of this happening in college.  Just curious.

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I would like to ask that is this position still available because I consider that I'm perfect for this position because I am ex-coach of London Softball Team and I was a great experience of my whole life.
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Have a friend who is an assistant at a JUCO.  Only goes to a handful of the away games (depending on distance), but does go to all the conference tournament games and further rounds if they advance.  

My daughter played for a travel ball coach who was a volunteer assistant at a D2 school and he went to just a handful of games, but then attended the entire conference tournament and regionals.


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If the employee does not meet the instructions, it may be the reason for the redundancy. If it is not there and the employer has fired a worker who said it was good then this is not part of the explanation. Then they can be sued for improper termination.

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