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They were fairly simple except for the last one. Stinkin’ millennials!

‘Jeopardy!’ contestants could not answer a single football question and it was excruciating - SB Nation


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That signals the death of the NFL. They don't even play Madden on Xbox in Mom's basement, or watch ESPN loops. Done deal NFL.
Jane you ignorant slut. Keep your booger hook of the bang switch you stupid Socialist. On the other hand, feel free to wave around your pink handled designer pistol with great abandon at your next Socialist cabal coffee klatch gathering.

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Agreed, that Jeopardy piece is the NFL's Canary in a Coal Mine.

"If any of you who post on the College Softball board are wondering where Dewey has gone, he is now posting under the name of Will I Wynn.  Please pretend that you don't know that Will is Dewey, it's very awkward."


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So did they support Kaepernick or not?
"Getting your motor revved about taking our guns is going to be what undoes your efforts."

"I like to establish the parameters of my own thoughts and don't think I need a director."

"This is not debate class. And this is not about politeness. We're talking about the damn future of our country"

"It is not just simply yelling out a name and yelling down dissenters........................... and I'll defend your right to even insult me" 
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