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Early Annual awards were a surprise.  Coaches spread out the awards nicely.  Congrats to the winners and every player whose play supported the named players. It's a team sport where solid players who make the plays often are not rewarded, but they are integral to the success of the stars. Apparently the league announced that Dartmouth is either a league champion or a co-champion because of record.  Normally, they are considered the regular season champion and the winner of this series would be a tournament champion.  I like the new format, but in certain years weather will play havoc with those early games.

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The last minute Ivy rule change designating the season’s standings leader the Ivy champ was pushed through by the ADs, and opposed by baseball and softball coaches.

No info on what will happen next year.

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Many college sports decisions are made with football in mind.  I seem to recall 3 way ties in Ivy football leading to all 3 teams claiming championships and every player getting a ring.  I guess the ADs prefer puffing their resumes with championships whereas the coaches would prefer one champion.  Maybe I am wrong but it was surprising.  I wonder if you have cochampions if Dartmouth is only one game ahead and could end up with a second place record.  This year, if they lose, they could be tied with Harvard or they if only win one game be one game ahead in wins and losses but Harvard advances as a result of the series.  

I am a little disappointed that the series is not on ESPN 3 or plus.  Should be part of the negotiations to more widely distribute this league championship.

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Congrats to Harvard for winning the Ivy.  Overall, the best team in the league all year.

Although I don't give them much a chance in the Georgia regional, hope they go out and compete and represent.

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We are all Crimson fans this week. Win one guys. You have won two before. Do it again.[biggrin]

I'm rooting for a feud between Green and Crimson to develop over the next few years. It starts with Crimson giving Green something to best next year. Show us whatcha' got Crimson! You better at least give someone a scare [biggrin]

Mark H
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