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We now have another question which may be presented to GOP candidates...

Should we start bombing Iran's nuclear facilities now or should we allow this agreement and the inspectors to do their job for awhile?  What answer would you like to hear them give?

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I don't understand why you always put these questions in terms of only being offered to GOP candidates.  How would Hillary answer your question?  And if you're going to say "I don't know" then you shouldn't expect anyone to offer an opinion as to how any other candidate might answer.

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Your question is moot as the Iranians are already accusing us of lying about the deal.  What a joke this administration is.



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What amazes me is that the Republicans are making Iran such a big deal.......Here is Buchanaan making Hannity look childish.......

Buchanan noted that Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu has been talking about Iran getting a bomb since 1992. "In 2006, he said they'll be building 25 bombs by the end of the decade. Are they? No."

"Bibi's sitting on 200 atom bombs and he's fretting over Iran, which hasn't even produced weapons-grade uranium," Buchanan replied.

"Sean, the reason Iran's going to be a power in the Gulf is because your president, George W. Bush, invaded Iraq and turned it into a (satellite) of Iran...The reason we're in this position is because Saddam Hussein, a thug, was overthrown. His state was destroyed. His army was broken up. Elections were held by Bush -- democracy crusades...and the Shia won. And we lost Iraq!"



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"This is not debate class. And this is not about politeness. We're talking about the damn future of our country"

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