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My daughter needs to attend Pennsbury and Boulder at  minimum in 2009. Is this an appropriate place to post a "looking for" thread?

She is an all state player (2010), we attended Boulder last year...  no teams from our area that are going to both tournaments.

Thank you


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I'm assuming you are from the NE since you mention Pennsbury. 
Use these lists to bounce teams off of that attended these tournaments in 2008. 

Also, you may want to advertise your player on eTeamz with her stats handy and a profile.

2008 Pennsbury list- http://www.pennsburyinvitational.com/2008results.htm

2008 Fireworks- http://www.cofireworks.com/teams.cfm?tyear=2008

2008 Indy- http://www.bouldersoftball.org/2008_18U_Boulder_Pool.pdf

My guess is the more nationally known programs from the NE will do both- West Jersey Witches, Maryland Stars, and Jersey Inferno.
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