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From the Last Word show...



Well, obviously, a lot to cover here.  I think the president,

unfortunately, engaged in a number of real distortions about what`s going

on at our southern border.


Our border`s never been more secure.  You know, just 15 years ago, we had

over a million people being arrested with only 5,000 border patrol agents

there to stop them.  Today, we have over 22,000 border patrol agents facing

the lowest numbers of border apprehensions we`ve had, you know, in decades.


So this kind of notion that with this border is out of control, full of

drugs coming across, terrorists and criminals, really is rejected by the

data.  We have a humanitarian crisis but it`s not one that poses a real

security threat.

SANDWEG:  You know, Lawrence, 18 years ago when you had 1.5 million people

crossing that border, there were definitely areas where you needed fencing. 

The good news is that`s largely been built and it was relatively effective.


Well, the border – beginning in 2014, we saw this real shift where all the

sudden you stop seeing, you know, individuals infiltrate the border and try

to evade capture and get into the United States.  You saw the Central

American families who come up, mothers with their children seeking asylum

in the United States.


We`re not adequately resourced to deal with that threat.  We don`t have

enough immigration judges.  We don`t have enough humanitarian resources

dedicated for health and human services to kind of help the transition of

those people and move their cases along quickly.


The good news is the president does request money for those two things. 

The bad news, though, is that he seems so fixated on this kind of security

solutions that aren`t designed and are really ill-suited to address the

humanitarian crisis we`re facing.

SANDWEG:  I think there`s some areas where we probably need to replace

existing walls.  There`s some areas in Nogales, Arizona where they use old

mats from aircraft landing, things from World War II.  Certainly, we can

replace those walls there.


But generally speaking, the areas where we need the walls, the walls exist. 

And if they don`t exist, it`s because simply the terrain doesn`t lend

itself to it.  What we really, really need are the immigration judges and

got to give them credit for requesting 75 new immigration judges, but what

we don`t need is $5.7 billion dedicated to a wall that`s going to be



When an individual, President or otherwise, mocks women’s looks and trashes fellow human beings, it’s a sad representation of mankind or, in this case, a sad representation of our Country as a whole.  If this man were a Teacher, Producer, Coach, Scout leader, or some other person expected to handle himself with integrity, he’d be long gone from his position by now.

Security for all (defense) safety for all (Police and fire) education for all (K-12) and healthcare for all (universal health care) are not Socialism.  They're American values.

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