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My daughter is a rising Junior sends several letters of interest to several college coaches. She then attends a showcase and some of them are there, but we do not know who they were there to see.

Should a follow up letter or email be sent to the coaches? If so should she say she noticed them, and hopes they were interested? Don't want to presume to much, but don't want to seem uninterested/unappreciative either.

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If it's a school she might be interested in...definitely!

Something like

Dear Coach xxxx

My team zzz recently played at yyyy tournament and I hear that you came to watch us play.  Thank you very much.  I am very interested in going to your school.  I play third base and hit the double in the 4th inning.

I'm a rising junior and am very interested in your school.  I would be very happy if you came to watch us play.  Will you be having any camps in the next year?

Thanks for watching us play.  My family and I were thrilled to see zzzz university watching us play.


Remember, coaches WANT to hear from prospects.  They want to know who is interested in their school.

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my advise to parents and players, Tread all coaches as if they are Numero Uno, keep in touch and go to all tournaments and let them know that you have seen them there.
Then when you have made your decision, thank them all with gratitude, as you never know when you would need them.
Coaches are hard working people that need to be appreciated and respected.
I have befriended all coaches and consider them as friends.

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This is similar to any 'sales' process...my D, typically, sends the following in either hard copy or email in follow-up to every tournament and contact.

The goal is to acknowledge that you saw them, that you appreciate them being there, that the performance was such that you're worth continuing to be looked at and that the next change to be seen is going to be at tournament X.

Hope this helps.

Dear Coach <name of coach>:

I want to thank you for watching my team the http://www.weebsite.com> at this weekend's >.

Just in case you missed it, over the course of the weekend:
- Our team won 1 and lost 3 (kind of a tough weekend for us - but now, it's on to <name of next tournament>!)
- I went 5 for 8 with three doubles and a home run.
- Drove in 4 and scored twice.

Unfortunately, not much was hit out my way, our pitchers are too good and as you may know, <name of team mate> is an uncommitted 2008 grad!

Since I'll be a junior, September 1 is still a few weeks away, I'll be sure to keep you updated on my progress over the rest of the summer/select and fall high school seasons.

Next, we'll be at the <name of tournament>. If you plan to attend, I hope you'll catch up with us once again.

<name of player>

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