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Has anyone else witnessed the insanity called TravelBall and the mass rush to franchise team names, in order for those at the top to skim revenue off every member wearing the team name on their jerseys, for no other reason than to support their lifestyle.

Are parents really this stupid? Answer: Heck YES!

Look at the quantity and the "quality" of these Firecracker teams across the country, how about  Batbusters and the SoCal A's who are making a push to do the same thing regionally in SoCal - all in the pursuit of MONEY.

Here is how it works; any crappy coach, who is insecure enough to ante up the parents hard earned money, in order to POSE as "one of those elite" teams (but will never be, other than name only) can re-brand themselves overnight, and sadly, so many parents and for that matter, the kids are falling for this!

Same Crappy Coach, doing the same crappy practices, with the same crappy players, somehow transforms into an elite coach with elite players, by just shelling over money every month, to the "Organization" (which is just a bunch of greedy people at the top, who found a way to take your money and make you look like a fool).

You often see the dad's proudly wearing the "F" hat (should stand for "Fool") around local tournaments, as if to suggest their DD is an elite softball player, because Dad is foolish enough to part with his hard earned dollars, in order to appease his own ego.

These fools make the mistake that posing their DD in a jersey embossed with a know team name and paying the monthly "shake down fee" to do so, will somehow magically transform his DD softball skills, when we all know this is just a charade.

Do they think for one minute, that a college softball coach, who may be out to recruit players is somehow going to be fooled by the name on the front of the jersey, and not evaluate to player inside of it?  Do they think for one minute, that Team "Bad News Bears 14U", coached by Coach DoNothing, is somehow a better team, because they changed jerseys? 

In full disclosure, I don't have any skin in the game, but watching these fools is simply astounding to me. It reaches a new level of stupid.

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Sounds like times have changed since 2000 to 2008, for the worse for sure. Awh, how I relish the good old days
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I find it pointless. We'll be standing around discussing where we'll be playing and whom and invariably the question of which Firecracker team is that? Colleges wonder the same thing. People don't relize it's the job of these coaches to find talent.....under any name. Big names noticed because their coaches produce quality players. Not because they know where to buy matching uniforms.

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I am not buying your "no skin in the game". You took long enough and put enough emotion into your email, and I have been around long enough to not buy into that angle.

The reason that the system is the way it is, is largely and easily attributed to the parents involved.  Not just the coaches and their organizations.  It can also be attributed to the extreme young age of the recruiting cycle in softball. 

Parents are flighty as can be, with little or no loyalty and looking for the best deal for their kid.  They are forced to get pretty cut throat by 7th or 8th grade for kids that are on the higher end of the recruiting list.

Coaches and orgs are just addressing those parents needs.  

Higher end kid is going to head for one of the higher end orgs.  Those parents want little Suzy playing deep at PGF Nats or Colorado or other big tournaments, and they want her on the better fields. 

Quite often in 4th/5th grade those higher end parents find themselves on teams that have a ton of talent, get into better tournaments, get invited to colorado.  When it comes down to go to Colorado and to go to nats, that is where the big money starts to flow out.  Then you find that 10th/11th/12th player on the team balking at spending that kind of funds.  They make play time demands then will bail, often shutting the team down. 

Now you have a kids with legit recruiting interest at the higher end, sitting at home.  So that players parents say, that does not seem right, let's see if we can pick Suzy up on a team that is going to nats, and usually find one of these higher end teams.  They drop her on.  Suzy often displaces some existing player, who is now out of a spot after having supported the team up to the last 5 weeks. 

The other parents from Suzy's original team are left to scramble.  Piece teams together from what is left at the 2nd tier, then the 3rd and the 4th tier on down. 

Very brutal system. Driven by the top end early recruiting and parents at all levels that are only looking out for their kids.

Often it is the coaches of the higher end teams that find their daughters getting screwed by this process.  

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Coach's kids at the elite level are/were pretty damn good. That's why the coaches have stayed around. No , they're not all going D1, but they're going somewhere. That's where the deal making starts. Take my kid now, we'll send better players your way later.

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I thought my kid was Juco or maybe D3 at best and a couple of her travel coaches laughed at me and said I don't know what the F you are looking at. I'm just a dumb redneck and all, so color me surprised.
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