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This is why early verbals need to stop in softball as well.  The 13 year old kid "commits" to USC and now the coach is gone and the school says No Thanks?  This has happened in softball at a couple schools just not very public.  I don't think the NCAA will ever attack this problem.


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Biscuit - as much as I'd love to agree with you on the acceptance rates of the USC Student Body, my Uncle Pat enrolled at SC at 16 and graduated at 20 with a Business Degree and a National Championship. The standards went down when they accepted the Juice and AC.

Keep 'em moving Colonel, a man that eloquent has to be saved.

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Lane Kiffin is an idiot. How can you tell how a 13 yr old is going to develop. Just another attempt to draw attention to himself and act like he knows what he is doing. He needs to stop riding his daddy's coat tail and do something other than keep proving to the world that he is an idiot. He is not totally alone though, the kids parents are to blame equally. They now have their 10 minutes of fame from the various talk shows etc. As long as I am on my soapbox I don't think kids should leave high school early to enroll and participate in spring drills. You only have 1 chance to be a kid and grad. with your class. There is plenty of time to enjoy college athletics etc.
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