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Tara is in Germany now for a first phase stem-cell procedure.



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Tara Blackwell broke her neck after a Troy University softball practice in April 2005.  She is raising money for a second round of a stem cell therapy procedure in Costa Rica.  Please don't forget Tara Blackwell.

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I remember Tara very well and always wondered how she has been doing.

I remember the incident extremely well, as I was at the ballfield that day. I wish her and her family the best.

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TEE OFF FOR TARA 2009 will be held at The Wharf Golf Club, Orange Beach, AL on Saturday, November 7th at 12:00 p.m.!!!!! Registration is at 10:30 a.m. so get there early!

Many have inquired about making donations directly to the Tara Blackwell Fund instead of participating in the event. If you wish to do so, please make checks payable to the "Tara Blackwell Fund" and mail to:

Tara Blackwell Fund
7567 Howard Dean Ln.
Pensacola, Fl 32526




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Nizab, your link didn't come up for me.  Sorry to admit that I'm in the dark concerning Ms. Blackwell.  I did Google and learned that she is traveling not only to Germany but to Costa Rica as well.

Of course my positive thoughts for a full recovery are headed in her direction.  But I do have to ask why she is traveling the globe to seek the treatment she needs.  Why is the US not able to provide her with the procedures she requires for recovery?

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Dinger, that was the first thing that came to mind, but I thought that there may be more to the story as I have only just become aware of Ms. Blackwell's situation.  

Is there more or does she/family have to seek out medical care in foreign countries (at a huge cost) due to the Bush administration's sleeping arrangements with the Conservative Right?

We have the top talent, the top equipment, the top learning institutions and if this kid/family have to go to Europe and South America to find the treatment she needs to recover then something is terrribly wrong.

My most sincere thoughts to Tara and the Blackwell family.
(I'll send a check in the next pay period)


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Why is the US not able to provide her with the procedures she requires for recovery?

My guess would be that the US (thanks to the last 8 years of Bush) doesn't have any stemcell research being done in this area....just a thought.

Maybe this should be posted in the Tea Party thread - it seems to get the most response
Actually a Dr. Patel(I think this is his name) in Arizona has been practicing & doing Stem Cell Heart surgeries for a couple of years now.  Dr. Christian Wilde wrote a book about the stem cells being used for hearts. Book='My Heart Book' and it's been proven (but not yet fully approved by the AMA)to take stem cells from a thigh muscle(Not the cord or a fetus)b/c the memory cells of a muscle are to grow more muscle......put them into a petrie dish...let it grow millions(yes millions)more in 6 weeks, and then go through the artery in the groin...up to the heart...drill holes in the dead muscle...inject those stem cells....w/miraculous results to the patient in only weeks.
I wish more ppl knew of this.  I wish it was approved....it is being tested for alzhiemers, spinal cord injuries and the heart.
Many ppl don't know you can get a stem cell from anywhere and it holds the memory of that same cell and can produce more....no one needs to die to give them....no one needs to give up any embulical cords etc.


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One can learn a lot about on-going stem cell research by googling around. Three sites that have a long-term relationship with research on spinal cord injuries and paralysis are cited below. All are doing stem cell research. There are many more. I suspect a lot of people go out of the country for treatment because other countries do not require the approval of the FDA before they can proceed with actual application of their research to live people. Also, I believe the Bush administration only limited US government funding for "embryonic" stem cell research to a certain number of existing cell lines. I don't think research was limited if others wanted to fund it or in other types of stem cell research such as adult stem cells. California certainly voted to spend money on such research. I've included a National Institutes of Health website listing current research also if anyone is interested.


Sorry if this got a little lengthy. Guess my inner nerd was roused. Best wishes to Tara Blackwell and her efforts to recover.  

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Bear Down-- Thanks for the info.! I thought that President Bush only limited federal spending on the research. But hey what the heck, I'm waiting for JW to blame a Wildcat loss on Bush! Best of wishes for Ms. Blackwell!!

Jerry Wallace "For The Love Of The Game"
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