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Originally Posted by deWillie
Now my posts are being altered, (only one member so far), to make it look like I posed a question and included the "n" word in my post.  I deleted the word but the member just put it back in.  I deleted the word again and I know he'll put it back in again.  We're close to an election and tempers are rising.  Let the readers know if they find anything offensive in a quoted post with my name attached, it was probably inserted by others.  At least search out the original post.  And no, this is the first time I've altered this person's deliberate misquote of me, not the 100th.  This false statement is just another attempt to denigrate me.  With this information now provided, I won't review all those posts where I'm deliberately misquoted.

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"Getting your motor revved about taking our guns is going to be what undoes your efforts."

"I like to establish the parameters of my own thoughts and don't think I need a director."

"This is not debate class. And this is not about politeness. We're talking about the damn future of our country"

"It is not just simply yelling out a name and yelling down dissenters........................... and I'll defend your right to even insult me" 
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