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Originally Posted by EarlyGrayce
Over the past 10,000 years or so, we Sapiens have grown so accustomed to being the only human species that it's hard for most to conceive of any other possibility.  We imagine that we are the epitome of creation, the pinnacle of evolution, and that a chasm exists between us and all other species. Had Neandethals survived, would we still view things this way? 

I believe that this is exactly why our ancestors wiped them out 30,000 years ago. They were too familiar to ignore, but too different to tolerate.

We are the pinnacle of creation. God said so. God gave us dominion over all the earth, and the animals. We are unique in all his creations and are special to God. Don’t say that we crawled out of the swamp and evolved to where we are today. Things work a little too orderly for that. Of course when God gave us dominion, he also told us that we were also to be good stewards of the earth and animals. He specifically gave us instructions on agriculture including crop rotations, domestic animal husbandry, as well as the care of wildlife.

Rats flee from the sinking vessel. They traverse nimbly upon a rope, safely cleated to the dock, that is private enterprise. Socialism is dead, and tits up in the water. A bloated, death show, for rubberneckers of all classes to view.


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 Sex, avarice and prejudice. Commonalities since Adam and Eve - right Blue.

Yep, Rudy, the first two humans on earth couldn't even get it right.............Then, one of their sons murdered his brother..............It got so bad all of mankind - except Noah's family -  were acting like politicians............They were drowned and here we are all over again - still getting it wrong...........

Mankind's common-sense isn't too good a thing to plan our life around..........
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