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Originally Posted by DunninLA
 As a side note, I had wondered over the past five or so years whether the coaches would find that the early verbals (which were published here from 2010 through 2015, then onto another site) would backfire in the form of burnt out freshmen, or freshmen who had failed to progress.   I don't see any evidence of that, and if there were, coaches who had been burnt more than helped would have already taken a step back.   Don't see that step back, so even though coaches don't like it, they haven't been hurt enough by it to call for change.

Just heard the other night that a '17 kid from our area who verballed to two different P5 schools between 9-11th grade is now suddenly in May of her senior year going to a D3 school to play.  Both of the P5 schools had coaching changes in that time period although I heard the new coach at the 2nd school was going to honor the previous coaches verbals and the kid is still listed on their website as a part of their incoming class. I have no idea why the kid dropped out of the P5 school but from what I know about her and her family it was unlikely that they thought the D3 was a better competitive fit for her. 

I suspect that for the top 1-10% of players and the top programs that recruit them the results are just fine.  The players continue to develop turn out great by the time they get to college and the coaches are ok with the system as it currently exists even if they don't like it much.  Both the programs I mentioned above are/were mid to low tier P5 schools at the time they committed this kid so they would have no shot at recruiting top talent but those kind of schools are playing the same game as top programs only with talent that peaked at 14u. I don't have much sympathy for the schools but it certainly sucks for those kids and their families.


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Originally Posted by eeyore

Yes to all of this, but one of the points of this thread is that fall of senior year is very late to find yourself once again looking for a program to join.  Most of the teams have filled up their roster with commitments by that point, and you're scrambling around to find a place.  

Yes, but my point was that with the Ivies, in most cases there would be red flags before the kid gets a rejection from the admissions office in December, which is the early action or decision notification date.  I thought that was your point about coaches who let admissions offices do their "dirty work."  Ivy coaches will usually let recruits know during the summer whether they'll be sponsoring them for a Likely Letter.  If you don't hear that by then, when the coach will have all the necessary data in hand from junior year, the family is on notice.  And of course the recruit can calculate her API with those data, so you can be informed whether it's likely that she'll be in a particular school's range.

Other than that, though, you really have to want to go to an Ivy, and live with its late process as compared to other D1 schools.  And be brutally realistic about your chances of admission, if you're academically borderline.
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