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Ask the Dewd. Dewey objected to people upstaging him, proving him wrong, and generally telling Dewey to STFU. And Dewey banned him under the premise of foul language and a lack of social redeeming values as I remember. What a joke. If anyone can give a reason other than that, please share with us. We started calling Dewey the Central Scrutinizer. A modern day Big Brother. Censor extraordinaire.
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Yeah we have seen the evolution of Dewey from the Central Scrutinizer, to the wacky admin that lost his sh1t on November 8th 2016 and took 2 months vacation, to Willie the copy pasta nonsense posting.   

Through it all his air of condensation shined brightly through.  Which is amazing for someone that spends so much time in a la mirada attic.

Dewey why you ban PGP?  You should at least state what PGP did that got him banned, so we can avoid in the future.  Was it as bad as we were behaving around that last election?

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PGP was a true American. He spoke truth to power and called a spade a spade. Dewey couldn’t handle it so he had to clutch his pearls like the church lady and instigate his demise.
He would eat pop n fresh for lunch and carp Terp and Kazoo before dinner.
Brrrrring back PGF. F KIP

2020 gonna be flossy af.
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No idea what you are talking about. I click it and read it
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