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Originally Posted by pabar61
What is appalling is the left's continued insistence on throwing more money into public schools.

Trust me - I know the following to be gospel - as long as teachers' unions are in control, public education will suck.  The number one priority for the unions is to protect the unions.  Their number two priority is to protect all teachers from any evaluation or discipline process, regardless of their ability to teach kids.  There is zero incentive for the unions to promote excellence.

There are many excellent, caring teachers.  Unfortunately, there are far more who are paycheck and retirement driven.  That will never change as long as the unions are in control.

And why does the left insist on this broken system?  I think we all know the answer to that.

Votes, of course.  Same reason they adopt all their wacky backwards plans.

"Tonight, we renew our resolve that America will never be a socialist country.   We are born free and we will stay free. "


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Democrats live to politic, that's who they are

Shut up doofus. Not talking to you. 

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The teachers union is running anti charter school ads on the radio in SoCal. Trying to scare people that the Walton family is supporting charter schools and they are friends with the Koch’s and Trump.
They never mention they are against charter schools because they can’t cintrol them.
It’s always fear that the dems try to play on with the low info.

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Originally Posted by CoachB25
I know a teacher who was visibly upset today about state standardized tests and the new evaluation method.  As you all know, the classroom teacher will now have these various tests become a part of their evaluation.  It seems 4 students marked "A" on every option on the standardized test.  This teacher had 12 "F's/D's in a classroom of 30.  Two of those students who failed were "move ins" who moved in the last month of the school year.  This test was given last week so was given with 2 weeks left in school.  

The result from this test is that this teacher can be put on "needs improvement" which, in my state, means that they can be released.  We no longer have tenure.  So, 4 students who didn't give a darn and twins who moved in can cost this teacher her job.  I understand why people dislike tenure.  However, the alternative my state came up with punishes teachers for students who are apathetic and other issues outside of their control.  

Pure stupidity.  If teachers are to be evaluated, it needs to be on the basis of student progress from start of year to end of year.  My wife regularly gets very difficult children who have emotional or developmental issues.  They may end the year below grade level but what matters is how much they developed during the year.  Even then, it's not totally within the teacher's control since parental involvement is crucial to said progress.

Will I Wynn is a poster who used to go by the name of Dewey.  He used to criticize people who did that.

"Once you open your eyes, it's impossible to be a Democrat." - CJ Pearson

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But....but.....but....dems and republicans agreed on Common Core!  It must be the greatest thing ever!  (Dewyllie)

Bottom line we need to blow up the educational system and start over from scratch and rethink how we educate our children.  We are already being lapped by the rest of the world and it will only get worse.

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It’s already been accomplished. They are called private religious schools. The only thing missing is using your own school taxes as you wish instead of having them confiscated and used to fund a failed education system that the average parent has no control and limited input.
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I wonder where dewey is with his mea culpa


How Common Core Testing Damaged High School English Classes

The Thomas B. Fordham Institute, a right-tilted think tank and longtime staunch supporter of the Common Core, just released a survey of ELA teachers and some attendant conclusions about how the Common Core reading standards are playing out in actual classrooms. They offer four recommendations, and those recommendations reflect some of the damage that has been done, particularly in high school classrooms, by the Common Core movement.

Some of this damage cannot exactly be tied to the Common Core Standards themselves, but are rather linked to the test-based accountability measures that were part of the Common Core movement. Advocates of the Core often argue that the standards and the tests are two entirely different things, and that is technically true. But without the testing regimen, the Core would just be a list of suggestions that schools and teachers could follow or ignore at will. When the Core hit the scene, "Here are some new standards" was followed directly by "and how well you follow them will be judged by these new standardized tests which will be used to evaluate districts, schools and (eventually) teachers." David Coleman, CCSS architect, understood that tests would drive the curriculum and teacher behavior.

One Fordham recommendation is that teachers should make sure they aren't overlooking "classic works of literature." But the standards have almost nothing to say about classic works or about content-knowledge save some lines and suggestions in appendices. The standards treat reading as a skill that can exist in a vacuum, independent of context or content. The accountability tests, put in place to show how well we have (or haven't) taught the standards double down on that, with reading selections that are carefully chosen so that prior knowledge cannot be a factor. This makes sense to a point; if you ask questions about themes in The Great Gatsby, those questions clearly favor students who have studied the work. Instead, students have to be "surprised" by an excerpt from some work they've never heard of before. There's a whole discussion to be had about the inseparable nature of reading and prior knowledge, but in the meantime, teachers have been given a clear message--the evaluation of your teaching effectiveness will have nothing to do with how well you teach (or don't) classic literature.

If we are not careful, our colleges will produce a group of close-minded, unscientific, illogical propagandists, consumed with immoral acts. - Dr. Martin Luther King

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