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"Moses had a temper, but he never left a girl at the bottom of the Red Sea."

Dewey/Will_I_Wynn is our forum moderator and is allowing a poster to call for the assassination of our President

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"Tragedy has a way of defining people"

Party of liars.  Think there are enough links on the 'right' websites for dewy and bamaturd to find 'their' truth?

"Getting your motor revved about taking our guns is going to be what undoes your efforts."

"I like to establish the parameters of my own thoughts and don't think I need a director."

"This is not debate class. And this is not about politeness. We're talking about the damn future of our country"

"It is not just simply yelling out a name and yelling down dissenters........................... and I'll defend your right to even insult me" 
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