Ultimate College Softball
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Jennie Finch, our local legend, will always top my college pitcher list but, with that understood, Cat Osterman will certainly remain a very close second as the most entertaining pitcher I had the good fortune to see pitch.  She had a focus and a talent few have or ever will match.  Hard to believe how quickly those memorable days of softball greatness have come and gone.  I hope and expect we'll see Cat on the sidelines for years to come.  Thanks for the memories.

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I so agree with you Dewey that those memorable days of softball greatness have come and gone.
we were lucky to have had our DDs involved in those days.

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Lisa Fernandez top my list and cat, monica, and jennie are right there behind her. Part of the golden age of softball with the Olympics, espn, etc.
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fhoenix - Lisa was a great one and very dominating.  However, I was using the term "entertaining" and as for my own personal entertainment, watching Cat focus, spin, and work a softball was just plain fun.

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Sad day for softball, but best of luck to her in ALL of her future endeavors.  And without sounding too overly cheesy, thanks for the time you gave us ... just wish it had been in Crimson and White.  

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Cat - Congratulations on a great career, and best wishes for good health and much happiness in your future.    Frank
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Osterman has called off retirement And will pitch for the Pride in 2014

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